Welcome to the Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy Research (CHLRP)

Welcome! Housing law, rights and policy are now global issues. Here, at the Centre for Housing Law, Rights and Policy Research (CHLRP), we endeavor to create a space for a free and open discussion, combining research, resources, advocacy and publications on housing law, rights and policy in Ireland and internationally.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of housing law, rights and policy through conferences, lectures, training, advocacy, publications and specialist research support. Current areas of research include mortgage market regulation and consumer protection, independent living for people with disabilities, housing rights in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, regulation of housing systems and implementation deficits in housing law and policy.


Current research projects include:

  •     Evictions across the 28 EU states;
  •     Research on Tenure/Property Law in Catalonia, Spain;
  •     Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Multi-Level Europe;
  •     Housing and Independent Living;
  •     Collective Complaints on Housing to the Council of Europe and Housing Rights for Social Housing Tenants.

The Centre welcomes PhD applications in these and related housing areas.

Research Projects