First International Housing Law, Rights and Policy Conference


The first international housing research conference, 'Contemporary Housing Issues in a Changing Europe,'

was held on 20th - 21st April 2012 at NUI Galway. Hosted by Dr Padraic Kenna and the Centre for Housing

Law, Rights and Policy, the event attracted 130 participants from Europe, the US and Israel, with 32

research papers presented.

Photo of group, minister O Sullivan, PK



Speakers at this International Housing Conference at NUI Galway included:


Dr. Padraic Kenna, School of Law, NUI Galway; Video 1, Video 2.



Professor Sergio Nasarre-Aznar, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona; Video

Professor Sergio Nasarre-Azna



Regis Brillat, Head of the Department of the European Social Charter, Council of Europe; Video

Regis Brillat's speech.



Jan O'Sullivan T.D., Minister for the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government with special responsibility for Housing and Planning; Video



Professor Stefan Gerlach, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank; Video

Speech of Professor Stefan Gerlach



Professor Martin Partington, Law Commission of England and Wales, and Bristol University law School; Video

Professor Martin Partington's Powerpoint Presentation



Jamie Burton, Barrister, Doughty St. Chambers, London; Video



Professor Lorna Fox O'Mahony, School of Law, University of Durham; Video

Dr. Francine Baker's Powerpoint Presentation



Mike Wright, Founder/Director of Keyring Housing Association; Video

Mike Wright's Powerpoint Presentation



and Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, Head of Equality and Citizen's Rights, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Video


Leading international housing researchers also presented papers within dedicated seminars on:


Housing Rights and Homelessness;

Housing Regulation;

Consumer Protection and Mortgages;

Independent Living and the UNCRPD;

Public Interest Law and Housing;

and Housing Tenures and Contemporary Issues in Social Housing.


Book of Abstracts


Dr. Francine Baker,“The Housing and Construction Industry - Will New Measures Move Britain Forward”    

Dr. Francine Baker's Powerpoint Presentation


Dr. Jane Ball,“When are squatters likely to be militant? The regulation of residential squatting in England and France”    

Jane Ball's Powerpoint Presentation  


Michael Browne,"Rights-based Housing and Social Supports for People with Intellectual Disabilities: Issues for Policy and Practice in Ireland"

Michael Browne's PowerPoint Presentation


Lillian Buchanan,“Independent Living by People with Disabilities: How to Square the Circle in Ireland?”

Lilian Buchanan's PowerPoint Presentation


Ray Cashell,“Tenure: Ownership and Right to Occupy; Whose Home is it Anyway?”

Ray Cashell's Powerpoint Presentation


Daithi Downey,“Effective Responses to Homelessness: Housing First Policy and Practice in Ireland”      


María Luisa Gómez Jiménez,“The Role of Land Use and Housing regulations in Spain and States in a comparative Perspective: The new administrative law after the crisis”


Dr. Rory Hearne, Vera Ashton, Linda Burnett,“Realizing Housing Rights in Practice: the experience of local authority tenants In Dublin’s inner city” Video


Dr. Rory Hearne, “Achieving Successful Social Regeneration - what lessons have been learned?”


Dr. Jessie Hohmann,“Crafting a Right to Housing in Europe: Three Interpretational Weaknesses” Video

Dr. Jessie Hohmann's Powerpoint Presentation


Prof. Nicholas Hopkins,“Rethinking Regulation of the Home: Legal Rights and Policy Choices”


Prof. Caroline Hunter,“You can judge them on how they look...” Homelessness officers, medical evidence and decision making”

Professor Caroline Hunter


Mark Jordan,“Articles 16 and 31 of the Revised Social Charter: A Question of Synergy”         


Elizabeth Kamundia, “Housing rights and independent living for people with disabilities in Kenya”      

Elizabeth Kamundia's Powerpoint Presentation   


Joe Finnerty and Cathal O’ Connell,“From Ladders to Snakes: Housing poverties in contemporary Ireland”

Joe Finnerty and Cathal O' Connell's Powerpoint Presentation


Noelin Fox,“The Right to Housing and the Right to Support in International Human Rights Law”

Noelin Fox's Powerpoint Presentation


Prof. Jan G. Laitos & Teresa Abel,“The Role of Brownfields as sites for mixed use development projects in America and Europe”

Professor Jan G. Laitos & Tersa Abel's Powerpoint Presentation


Camille Loftus,“A Vision of Equality - What might Housing Tenures look like in the Future?”


Karen Lynch-Shally,“Perspectives on the Consumer Protection Code 2012”        


Dr. Neil Maddox,“The Concept of Adequate Housing in Human Rights Law”


Lucie Martin,“Housing and Homelessness in Brussels: paradigm changes and public policies”


Maria Antonieta Nestor,“Public Interest Law and Regeneration: The Case of Ballymun Community Law Centre - Connecting the Dots through Community Economic Development”

Maria Antonieta Nestor's Powerpoint Presentation


Sarah Nield,“A Human Property Right? The Impact of Article 8 European Convention of Human Rights on Repossession of the Home”

Sarah Nield's Powerpoint Presentation


Sinead O’Donnell & Charles O’Mahony,“The UNCRPD:exploring the Synergy Between Article 12 (legal capacity) and Article 19 (independent living)” Video


Michelle Oren,“Housing in the Constitutional Context: A comparative study"

Michelle Oren's Powerpoint Presentation


Cory Potts, “Penalizing social housing: housing exclusion meets criminality” Video

Cory Potts' Powerpoint Presentations



Dr. Aine Ryall,“Landlords, Neighbours and Misbehaving Tenants: Dispute Resolution Mechanisms under the Residential Tenancies Act 2004”

Dr. Aine Ryall's Powerpoint Presentation


Julian Sidoli del Ceno,“The Problems and Possibilities of Mediation in Residential Housing Disputes”


Dr. Els Sols,“Ruling Discourse on Social Housing: Dutch Government v’s the European Union Social housing”

Dr. Els Sols' Powerpoint Presentation


Prof. Peter Somerville,“Property and Power in the English Countryside: The Case of Housing”         

Professor Peter Somerville's Powerpoint Presentation


Vanesa Valino,“Forced evictions and right to housing in the context of the economic crisis: The case of Spain”      

Vanesa Valino's Powerpoint Presentation


Dinali Wijeratne,“Homeownership and Migration: Impact on Social Capital”

Dinali Wijeratne's Powerpoint Presentation


Una Woods,“Adverse Possession - Does the Owner get his just deserts?”

Una Woods' Powerpoint Presentation