National Housing Policy

In June 2011 the Goverment launched a housing policy statement that outlines a vision for the future of the housing sector in Ireland “based on choice, fairness, equity across tenures and on delivering quality outcomes for the resources invested”.

A summary of measures outlined in the document are:

  • more equitable treatment of housing tenure
  • maximising the delivery of social housing supports within the resources available
  • transfer of responsibility for long term recipients of rent supplement to local authorities
  • new mechanisms for the delivery of permanent social housing
  • the standing down of all affordable housing schemes
  • formal review of Part V
  • publication of Housing Strategy for People with Disabilities
  • delivery of housing supports for households with special needs
  • creating an enabling regulatory framework to support the increasingly prominent role of the voluntary and cooperative sector in housing delivery and
  • the implementation of measures to tackle anti-social behaviour across all housing tenures. 


The following is a list of housing policy documents published in Ireland

Further information on housing policy is available in a review of housing policy, Housing Policy Review 1990 – 2002 (pdf, 896kb), which was carried out on behalf of the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government. 


Administration of Rent and Mortgage Interest Assistance (1999)

Capital Assistance Allocations 2010 (doc, 104 kb) 05/02/2010

Capital Funding Schemes for the Provision of Rental Accommodation (pdf, 339 kb) 

Circular Housing 41/2012 - Access to Social Housing Supports for non-Irish nationals(pdf, 659 kb) 

Circular SHIP 2010/13 - Capital Assistance Scheme - Proposals for the Provision of Accommodation by Approved Housing Bodies for People with Specific Categories of Housing Need (pdf, 73 kb) 

Circular SHIP 2010/13 - Capital Assistance Scheme - Memorandum (pdf, 87 kb) 

Dealing with Mortgage Arrears - A Guide for Local Authorities (doc, 149 kb) 

Housing Management Group – First Report (1996),
Housing Management Group – Second Report (1998),

Housing Needs Assessment 2005 (pdf, 61 kb) 

Housing Policy Review 1990 - 2002 (pdf, 896 kb) 

Housing Policy Framework- Building Sustainable Communities (pdf, 383 kb) 

Implementation of Affordable Housing Initiative 2nd Progress Report: Main Report (pdf, 473 kb) 

Irish National Survey of Housing Quality 2001 - 2002 - Main Report (pdf, 1,587 kb) 


Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2013- This report provides an overview of the key findings of the Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2013, published by The Housing Agency in December 2o13

Combating Social Disadvantage in Social Housing Estates:  The policy implications of a ten-year follow-up study, published by Combat Poverty Agency in February 2011

Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears published by the Central Bank of ireland in 2013.

The Roof over our Heads published by the Central Statistics Office, published in 2012 


Affordable Housing

Under the Programme for Government, the Affordable Housing schemes have been stood down.

Part V of the Planning and Development Acts 2000 - 2006 (pdf, 386 kb)

Part V of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 - Implementation Issues (doc, 106 kb)

Further Guidelines Part V of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2002 (doc, 114 kb)

Review of Part V of the Planning and Development Act, 2000. Consultation document (doc, 2,235 kb) 30/07/2013

Managing in Partnership - Enabling Tenant Participation in Housing Estate Management (2001) (pdf, 249 kb) 

Residential Tenancies Act 2004 - SI 505 (Commencement Order) (doc, 23 kb)

Social Housing Provisions 1992-1997 (doc, 32 kb) 

Social Housing Support - Household Means Policy (pdf, 98 kb) 

Social Housing Support - Table of Income Limits (pdf, 60 kb) 

Submission Template - Leasing Arrangements for Social Housing (doc, 41 kb) 

Summary of Social Housing Assessments 2013 - Key Findings (pdf, 1,935 kb) 

Tenant Means Guidelines - Tenant Purchase Apartments Scheme (doc, 142 kb) 

Interim Value for Money & Policy Review of the Rental Accommodation Scheme (pdf, 352 kb)