Classics Options for Visiting Students

[Information for the new 2015–16 term will appear here shortly.]

Semester One 2014–15 (options from last year)

The modules on the timetable below are available to visiting students. If you’re interested in taking one of the Latin modules, please contact the instructor, who’ll help you determine whether the module is suitable for your level of preparation. All modules below are weighted 5 ECTS.

Please note that it is always advisable before enrolling in a module to ensure that it fulfils the requirements of your home institution!

First Year modules

Second Year modules

Final year modules

Tutorials for first year, second year and final year modules

Students taking the modules above must also register for small-group tutorials. To register, contact the relevant tutor:

  • First year modules: Sarah Corrigan,
  • Second year modules: Michael Doherty,
  • Final year modules: Peter Kelly,

Language options

Beginning Latin/Greek (for students with at least 12 weeks’ prior study):

Intermediate to advanced Latin/Greek:

Historical linguistics:


For timetabling reasons CCS316 cannot be taken with CCS306, and CC321 cannot be taken with CCS302.

Room Codes: AC = Arts & Sciences Building Concourse, AM = Arts Millennium Building, IT = IT Building, TB = Tower 2 (near the Bank of Ireland). The Ó Tnúthail Theatre is on the first floor of the Arts Millennium Building. UC102 is in the Áras Uí Chathail Building, the same building as the student information desk.