NUI Galway Content Management System
Version 3.0

Change Log:

December 2nd, 2007 - v.3.0

Version 3.0 introduces new features and improves existing ones while also addressing all of the problems / bugs that were reported to Web Services over the last few months. This update adds some industry-standard Web CMS features (e.g. versioning) and improves the system's speed and ease of use.

FEATURES ADDED: BUG FIXES: The following bugs have been resolved:

October 3rd, 2006 - v.2.02

This minor update fixes problems / annoyances that came to light as more users began to use the CMS with the new look and feel.
FEATURE ADDED: Extra XHTML rules added to avoid accidental 'breaking' of XHTML validation rules by the user.*
BUG FIX: The problem where adding a blank line to the footer caused the entire footer to be left justified has been resolved.*
BUG FIX: Pressing the save button while in HTML view did not save the changes in the Firefox browser.*
BUG FIX: Email addresses pasted into the CMS from other Web sites were not saving properly.*
BUG FIX: Links to anchors (i.e. links with a '#' in them) in the side navigation bar were not fully editable after they were added.*
BUG FIX: Improved support for apostrophes in the side navigation bar.*

June 13th, 2006 - v.2.01

This extraordinary update was made because of a limitation on the Web server which affected the CMS's ability to save shared files. The entire saving mechanism was adjusted to counteract this limitation. Most changes only affect users using the new NUI Galway look and feel.
FEATURE ADDED: Clear progress indicators when creating, deleting, un-deleting, or publishing* files/directories.
FEATURE MODIFIED: Timed publication of pages to your Web site after saving.*
Note: Publication can take up to 60 seconds. Some features in the CMS will be automatically suppressed while waiting for the page to be published.

June 1st, 2006 - v.2.0

FEATURE ADDED: Support for Firefox and Netscape Browsers (on PC and Macintosh)
FEATURE ADDED: Support for NUI Galway's new Web Templates.
FEATURE ADDED: Produces WAI-AA compliant XHTML*
FEATURE ADDED: Preview of pages in file list (when you hover over a file name) and within the
page editor (new button in control panel).
FEATURE ADDED: Improved link editing dialog within the sidenav editor*
FEATURE ADDED: Ability to link to one of 'My Files' when creating links.
FEATURE ADDED: Last uploaded file automatically appears in the URL field when adding
a link to a page.
FEATURE ADDED: Copying of existing pages is now possible via the 'New File Here' option.
FEATURE ADDED: Ability to undo any changes made by the integrated 'Microsoft Word® HTML'
Cleanup utility.*
FEATURE ADDED: Ability to create NUI Galway styled bullet lists (similar to those on the home page).*
FEATURE ADDED: Ability to Undelete previously deleted pages (deleted files are archived for a period of two weeks before being removed permanently).
FEATURE ADDED: Quick Launch* (ideal for making minor textual modifications when browsing
your site).
- PC users: hold down 'Shift' and right-click anywhere on the page.**
- Macintosh Users: Hold down 'Ctrl' and 'Shift', and click anywhere on the page.**

BUGFIX: Added a warning if you attempt to exit the editor when you have made changes.
BUGFIX: Text Editor now handles HTML special characters correctly.
BUGFIX: External email addresses can now be added to pages.
BUGFIX: File Information Popup lists all contributors to a page - not just the owner.
BUGFIX: The login sequence can now be invoked by pressing <enter> after typing your password.

OTHER: 'Logout' button removed from editors to prevent accidental logouts. You must return to the file
list before logging out.

* Available when editing Web sites with the latest NUI Galway Web Templates only.
** New Web page template only.

Happy editing!

The Web Services Team,
Computer Services,
NUI Galway.