NUI Galway School of Education Partner Schools work in collaboration with the School of Education to enhance the quality of learning and teaching in schools and in teacher education.  In our Partner Schools, experienced teachers, Practice Educators, make a significant contribution to new teachers’ development by sharing their experiences and insights with student teachers and by engaging in critical discussions around learning and teaching with student teachers, other practicing teachers and university lecturers.  The School of Education is strongly committed to supporting the professional development of Practice Educators.  It aspires to create a truly educative Partner School Network providing opportunities for networking and critical dialogue among teachers, Principals and university lecturers through regular seminar days, stand-alone modules and in-school collaborations.

It is recommended that NUI Galway School of Education Partner Schools develop a core team of Practice Educators in their schools.


The Practice Educator’s main role is to provide guidance and support to the student teacher on all aspects of their teaching practice. The support and guidance role is very important in the context of student teaching as the Teaching Practice Placement represents, to many student teachers, one of the biggest challenges of their initial teacher education programme.

Partner School Guidelines have been designed in collaborative meetings by Practice Educators and School of Education teaching practice tutors.  They are reviewed on a yearly basis and developed on foot of feedback and discussions with all participants involved (student teachers, practice educators and School of Education lecturers/tutors).  In recognition of the differing school contexts and student needs, it is acknowledged that specific practices and implementation will vary.  Schools are encouraged to develop their own implementation plans and communicate the same to students at the beginning of the year.

If your school is interested in joining our NUI Galway Partner School Network please contact us and we will be happy to discuss further details with you.

Contact: Dr. Manuela Heinz, Director of Teaching Practice
Tel.: 091 493873