Irish and Modern Languages Projects

Content and Language Integrated Learning as Continuous Professional Development for Teachers (CLIL as CPD) (SNG) (2016 – 2020), funded by COGG (€9,000) takes a two-step approach.  The Líofa (Leibhéal Iontrála agus Fágála) stage investigates entry, midway and exit level competency in Irish in the 2016-18 cohort of students on the MGO and PME, to analyse trends and contribute to policy regarding assessment of minimum language competency requirements for registration with the Teaching Council.  Preliminary results indicate that up to 40% of student teachers fall below the language competency standard required by the Teaching Council.  Based on stage one, a course in CLIL will be developed for CPD teachers, meeting the needs of teachers teaching through a second language, while fulfilling the demands placed on Schools by the school self-assessment process and the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy.

The Teacher Supply and Demand for Second-level Irish-medium School (SLIM) Sector) (SOG), funded by COGG (€45,000, 2014-ongoing), aims to analyse the teaching qualifications and teaching subjects of teachers in SLIM schools. Key achievements over the review term in this ongoing project include a peer-reviewed journal article, a report for COGG on subject shortages in SLIM schools (referenced in a government publication), and, arising from the findings of the report, bursaries are awarded for Science, Maths and European Language students who do the MGO to the value of €92,000 2014-2016.

Animated Language Learning:   P. Farren working with E. Dodd

Transforming Language Teaching and Learning:  Dr. Patrick Farren carried out three systemically linked, international, research studies in collaboration with teacher educators, mentors, and student-teachers in post-primary schools The studies took place at NUI Galway, King's College London, and Boston College. They include interviews with international experts including Drs. Jane Jones, Paul Black, Audrey Friedman, and Maria Brisk. The book offers a new pedagogical model that enhances autonomous language teaching and learning. The studies have been published by Peter Lang in a book written by Dr. Farren, entitled 'Transforming Language Teaching and Learning'.  For more information click here