Leadership and Professional Development in Education Projects

MISNEACH Leadership Project
Recent review work (Mac Ruairc and Sugrue, 2017) has identified gaps the increasingly important field in Irish education of school leadership. The Leaders Learning: An Evaluation of MISNEACH project (2016-2018) (Prof. Gerry MacRuairc) will result in the systematic identification of system needs in relation to school leadership.  Related work includes the incentivised recruitment of three PhD Fellows (funded by NUI Galway), ongoing transitional policy development with the European Policy Network for School Leadership (EPNoSI, 2009-2014), the Malta conference (January 2017) on Leadership for Equity, as part of the Maltese Ministry EU Presidency (MacRuairc is Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee), the newly-formed consortium (of which the School is a part) applying for European funding to develop and extend the work of EPNoSI (cf.: http://ec.europa.eu/education/calls/2016-eac-s29_en), and the development and roll out of a new Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership (PDSL) in leadership development for aspiring school leaders, building on the School’s long tradition in this area, having run a national initiative on school development planning from 2001-2011.

In terms of Professional Development, the School-University Partnership Initiative and Research Project (SUPR) (2013-2015, funded by NUIG Millennium Fund http://www.nuigalway.ie/faculties_departments/education/research/create/supr.html) evaluates the design, implementation and impact of an innovative partner school Initial Teacher Education (ITE) placement model initiated at NUI Galway in 2011.  Key achievements to date include one peer-reviewed journal article (and one under review), seven conference papers, two invited workshops, and one international collaboration with Dr. Cheri Chan from Hong Kong University, the project contributes to policy development in relation to professional development for student teachers, practice educators and university tutors, school-university partnership and collaborative approaches to mentoring, and leadership in ITE