NUI Galway and Google Ireland Announce Creative Coding for Maths Makers

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Project Title: Creative Coding for Maths Makers
Funding: Google, CS Catalyst Award
PI: Dr. Cornelia Connolly

The Creative Coding for Maths Makers project, funded by Google, integrates mathematical and computer programming concepts, with a specific focus on promoting STEM amongst our student teachers.

The BA Mathematics and Education student teachers are working with primary and post-primary school children to promote mathematics and computer programming integration. Participants (both student teachers and school children) develop understanding and design of innovative mathematical concepts by a coding interface and then render their virtual models physically in the MakerSpace.

Unique and the only facility of its kind in an Irish university, the MakerSpace in the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway is a space purposefully designed to facilitate engaged teaching and learning. The MakerSpace can foster a culture of creativity and innovation and give students access to knowledge and access to technologies, usually out of reach due to high costs. Such exposure and experience is of value to students as it replicates life in a STEM industry.

The cross-discipline collaboration involved in this project develops understanding, communication and skills development for all participants and the school children attending are engaged in problem solving, critical thinking, and creative design activities.