Google Educator Grant, Computer Science Professional Development (CS PD)

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Project title: Computer Science Professional Development
Funding: 2018 Google Educator Grant
PI: Dr Cornelia Connolly

The aim of this Computer Science Professional Development (CS PD) programme is to develop mathematics teachers and pre-service teachers in the field of computer science education, who will recognise the value of and remain committed to continued professional development throughout their careers.

The project learning outcomes focus on Computer Science teacher development and will align to the Irish Senior Cycle Computer Science specification, specifically the first two strands and demonstrate how this links and relates to the mathematics methodology and pedagogy. 

Research conducted will explore whether and how the teacher education courses support and develop preservice and out-of-field teachers’ knowledge of computer science and computational thinking, their pedagogical skills in teaching computer science, and attitudes towards integrating computer science and computational thinking in their future classrooms.

CS Coding Workshop

About Google Educator Grants

Google’s Educator Grants is a global programme that provides research institutions, universities, and educational non-profits funding to design and deliver professional development opportunities in Computer Science (CS) for their local teachers.  Grantees across the world deliver professional development to educators in their local communities throughout the school year.  Funding is awarded to PD programs that demonstrate a sound pedagogical approach to CS and an ongoing support community that fosters innovation and shared learning.!?modal_active=none