Head of Geography    Dr Kevin Lynch            
Geography Administrator Ms Christina Costello
Senior Technician/Cartographer               Dr Siubhán Comer
1 BA Programme Coordinator Prof Ulf Strohmayer    
1 BA Geography in Practice Coordinator Dr Valerie Ledwith
2 BA Programme Coordinator Dr Patrick Collins
3 & 4 BA Programme Coordinator Dr Audrey Morley
Director of MA Environment, Society & Development .   Dr John Morrissey                    
Director of MSc Coastal & Marine Environments Dr Eugene Farrell
Coordinator of MSc Coastal & Marine Environments Dr Liam Carr
Director of Graduate Studies Dr Gordon Bromley
BA International / Visiting Students / Erasmus Prof Ulf Strohmayer          
Staff-Student Liaison Officer Dr Siubhán Comer
Plagiarism Matters Dr Kevin Lynch
Safety Officer Dr Siubhán Comer