February 2015

Dr Mary Jo Lavelle and Dr Frances Fahy gave a public lecture in Galway City Museum titled ’What’s Consuming Ireland?  Exploring expressed attitudes and reported behaviours towards the environment, quality of life and sustainable consumption on the island of Ireland’

As part of the SoGA’s Spring Lecture Series in Galway City Museum, Planning and Sustainability Cluster member, Dr Bridin Carroll, presented a public lunchtime lecture on ’ Locating the locale of local food’.

December 2014

Fulbright Scholar Prof Thomas Cooke from University of Connecticut was an invited guest of the Planning and Sustainability Research Cluster and NUI Galway’s Population and Migration Research Cluster. Prof Cooke’s lecture on migration was supported by the Fulbright Commission.

November 2014

Dr Frances Fahy was awarded the Tom Jones Hughes Prize for her research article on Community Mapping and was presented with the award in Trinity College Dublin on November 26th.

September 2014

Three members of the Planning and Sustainability Research Cluster at NUI Galway were extremely successful in the September 2014 NESC call for research tenders. Dr Frances Fahy and Dr Bridin Carroll started a short research study on Sustainability Assurance Schemes in Ireland and Dr Philip Lawton received funding for a research study on sustainable housing in Ireland.  As the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) advises the Taoiseach on strategic policy issues relating to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Ireland, these two policy relevant projects aim to analyse key contemporary challenges facing Irish society and to develop a shared understanding of how to tackle these challenges. 

Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability Research Network Thinking Note Collections:

Last summer, Anglia Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) and Aalborg University’s Center for Design, Innovation & Sustainable Transitions (DIST) hosted two workshops in conjunction with the BSA Climate Change Study Group (BSA CCSG). It was at these workshops that the ’Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability’ (PBES) early career researcher network was established. Planning and Sustainability Research Cluster member Mary Greene was a successful applicant in the call for participants in this network.  

The two PBES workshops centred around the production of nine short ’Thinking Notes’ on potential sticking points, novel synergies and/or areas for future development in the PBES research literature. Concepts covered include: Time; Narrative; Codes and standards; Know-how; Feedback; Communities of practice; Systems of practice; Performance vs. entity; Materials at the boundary between professional and domestic practices. The final Thinking Note Collection, published by the BSA CCSG can be read online here.

Following this, experts in the theories of practice produced a series of responses to either specific Notes or themes that crosscut the Collection as a whole.

It is hoped by all involved that these Thinking Notes can help to stimulate some discussion and debate in the field.​

February 2014

Planning and Sustainability Seminar 

The School of Geography and Archaeology, NUI Galway are delighted to announce that Prof. David Gibbs is the guest speaker at the Planning and Sustainability Research Seminar taking place at 4pm Thursday 20th February 2014.

David’s presentation ’ Tracking the Green Economy: Sustainability Transitions and City-Regions’ will take place in the Geography Seminar Room, Room 113 Arts Science Concourse, NUI G

David Gibbs is Professor of Human Geography in University of Hull, UK. David's expertise is in the relationships between the environment, economy, sustainability and policy. He was recently elected as an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences. This award recognises the most distinguished scholars and practitioners from academia and the public and private sectors who are working in the social sciences today.

January 2014

CONSENSUS: Featuring on RTE’s EcoEye programme and announcing further investment in their research on sustainable living, January 2014

consensus research CONSENSUS, a research project on sustainable consumption involving National University of Ireland Galway and Trinity College Dublin researchers, has successfully been awarded funding by the Irish EPA to carry out further research. CONSENSUS is the first all-island, large-scale research project examining solutions for sustainable consumption in Irish households with more than €1.3 million invested since 2009.

The project’s innovative and collaborative research initiatives have involved stakeholders in the Republic and Northern Ireland along with over 2,000 members of public. Today, CONSENSUS is announcing its next phase of research (CONSENSUS#2), which will run until December 2015 and will test novel methodologies for identifying and supporting innovations for sustainable consumption practices.

One aspect will be the development of a lifestyle segmentation model that will identify different segments of the population according to their environmental actions and attitudes. Speaking of the benefits of this research, Dr Frances Fahy of NUIG Discipline of Geography said, “this will assist in the development of tailored educational, policy and social media initiatives for sustainable behaviours in Ireland, helping to improve their effectiveness. The segmentation model will be based on the results of our survey of 1,500 people across Ireland - North and South”.

The first phase of CONSENSUS also revealed changes in people’s consumption behavior across the life course. CONSENSUS#2 will investigate how certain life events - for example moving home or having a baby – can affect consumption activities in relation to physical mobility, including car ownership and use and routes people choose for their daily travel. It will also make recommendations how to develop effective policies that focus on these life events to encourage more sustainable mobility practices like cycling, walking and public transport use.

android research project ANDROID Doctoral School Proceedings 2013

1st International ANDROID Disaster Research Doctoral School Proceedings.

(Eds.) Perera, S. Henriksen, H. Revez A. Shklovski, I.

Published by ANDROID Network (ISBN 978-1-907842-52-8)

Content: Interdisciplinary research papers in the area of disaster resilience

Planning and Sustainable Research Cluster Seminar, November 2013