Academic Staff

Dr. Gearóid Barry, B.A(Moderatorship in History & Political Sciences), PhD. (University of Dublin)  
Director of Graduate Studies          
Room 401, ext. 3342, email    
Research interests: 
Research interests include Modern and contemporary France, cultural and political history of the First World War in Europe, European pacifism between the World Wars, history of religion in modern and contemporary Europe (including popular religiosity), French Catholicism since that Revolution, the origins of Christian Democracy in Europe, Franco-Irish links in the twentieth-century.

Dr Sarah-Anne BuckleyB.A., Ph.D. (NUI)  
Head of Single Honours       
Room 408, ext.4294, e-mail    
Research interests: 
Research interests: Nineteenth and twentieth-century Irish and British social, political, and social policy history; women and gender; institutional histories; welfare history and the history of childhood and the family in Ireland.

Dr Caitríona ClearM.A., Ph.D. (NUI)  
Head of First Year
Room 414, ext. 3099,   
Research interests: 
History of Women; Social history of Ireland and Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Dr John Cunningham   
Room 313, ext.5642, 
Research Interests:  
Modern Ireland; Labour History; Local History; Urban History; Dynamics of Social Protest.

Dr Enrico Dal LagoLaurea in Lettere (Roma), M.A. (Kansas), M.A., Ph.D. (Lond.), D.Litt.(NUI) 
Room 403, ext. 3546,   
Research interests: 
U.S. Social and Political history, especially the 19th century; American Slavery in comparative perspective; Native North Americans, especially the Plains' Tribes.

Dr Tomás Finn 
Rm 411, Ext. 2552, 
Research interests: 
Modern Ireland, the role of intellectuals, Church-state relations, the Irish Diaspora and Northern Ireland.

Dr Alison Forrestal, M.A. (NUI), Ph.D. (Manchester), FRHistS   
Room 412, ext. 5629, 
Research interests: 
Early modern Europe, particularly seventeenth-century France;  history of religion, particularly early modern Catholic culture and society;  seventeenth-century Ireland.

Dr Mary Harris, B.A., M.A., H.Dip.Ed. (NUI), Ph.D. (Cantab.) 
Room 409, ext. 3290, 
Research interests: 
Northern Ireland; politics and culture (especially the Irish language) in early twentieth-century Ireland; religion in twentieth-century Ireland.

Dr Róisín HealyM.A., (NUI), M.A.G.E.S., Ph.D. (Georgetown)
Head of Exams
Room 415, ext. 2551,   
Research interests: 
Modern German and Polish history; Irish contacts with continental Europe; religion and church-state relations in central Europe; history of suicide 

Dr Pádraig Lenihan 
Head of Final Year
Room 312, ext. 5680, 
Research interests: 
Seventeenth-century Irish history and warfare in Baroque Europe. 

Dr Kimberly LoPreteB.A. (Duke), M.A. (Notre Dame), Ph.D.(Chicago) 
Room 407, ext. 3547,   
Research interests:  
Teaching and Research interests: social, political and cultural history of medieval Europe, in particular the 11th-12th centuries and France; women in medieval society, notably aristocratic women; gender and lordship; the first crusade and the history of crusading; Europeans' encounters with non-Europeans and travels in Asia; medieval historical writing and uses of the past in the middle ages; manuscript studies, including palaeography, codicology and the transmission of texts. 

Dr Laurence Marley M.A., PhD (NUI)
Room 314, ext.3791, 
Research interests:
Irish and British history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the Irish diaspora; and British imperial history.

Dr Niall Ó CiosáinB.A. (Dub.), Ph.D. (Eur.Univ.Inst.)   
Head of Discipline
Room 410, ext. 3019,   
Research interests: 
The social and cultural history of 18th and 19th-century Ireland and Europe, particularly literacy and education, the history of the book in Ireland, popular printing and reading, language shift and language change.

Professor Dáibhí Ó Cróinín, B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.(NUI), MRIA 
Head of Second Year
Room 402, ext. 2697,   
Research interests: 
Ireland, Britain and Europe during the Early Middle Ages; computistics; medieval Latin palaeography; Irish traditional music and song.

Dr Kevin O' SullivanB.A., Ph.D. (Dub.) 
Director of Taught MA 
Room 413, ext. 3625, 
Research interests
The history of decolonisation; social and political legacies of imperialism; humanitarianism; non-governmental organisations; globalisation; international

Administrative Staff


Ms Helena Condon
Administrative Assistant, full-time
Room 405, ext. 2537,

Ms Maura Walsh 
Administrative Assistant, part-time 
Room 404, ext. 3675, email: 

Retired Staff

Professor Steven EllisB.A., M.A. (Manc.), Ph.D.(Belf.), D.Litt.(NUI), FRHistS  
Research interests: 
British and Irish history, 15th to 17th c.; historiography; Early Modern Europe.