Teaching Staff


Dr Gerald Cipriani, Cert., Cert.Ed., Pg.CRM, MA, Ph.D. 
Philosophy of culture, aesthetics, art theory, 
ethical phenomenology, contemporary French philosophy, 
dialogical philosophy East-West. 
Room 102, Philosophy Dept., 19 Distillery Rd.  Phone: 353 (0)91 494333
Email: gerald.cipriani@nuigalway.ie 

Dr Tsarina Doyle, BA, MA, Ph.D. 
Undergraduate Teaching, Introduction to the History of Philosophy, Philosophy of the Enlightenment, German Idealism 
Room 101, Philosophy (Morrisroe House, 19 Distillery Rd) 
Phone: 353 (0)91 495473 
E-mail: tsarina.doyle@nuigalway.ie 

Dr Richard Hull, BA (Staffs), B.Phil. Oxon., Ph.D. (Keele) 
Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Disability, Nietzsche
Room 104, Philosophy (Morrisroe House, 19 Distillery Rd)  
Phone: 353 (0)91 493714 
Email: Richard.Hull@nuigalway.ie

Dr Felix O Murchadha, BA, MA, Dr. Phil. (Wuppertal)  
Phenomenology, Philosophy of Time, Philosophy of Religion, Heidegger, Gadamer, Ricoeur 
Room 202, Philosophy (Morrisroe House, 19 Distillery Rd)  
Phone: 353 (0)91 492573 
Email: Felix.Omurchadha@nuigalway.ie

Dr. Orla Richardson Ph.D.
Philosophy of Science, Epistemology and Ethics.  She is one of the co-ordinators of the P4C (Philosophy for Children) project at NUIG and is a Philosophy for Children (P4C Level 1 teacher (SAPERE-approved.)   She is also an instructor on the NUIG Youth Academy programme.
Room 106, Philosophy Discipline (Morrisroe House, 19 Distillery Rd)
Phone: 353 (0) 91 494332
Email: orla.richardson@nuigalway.ie

Dr. John O'Reilly, B.A., MA, Ph.D.
Current Teaching: 
 Philosophy of Mind; History of Irish Thought;
Room 204, Philosophy Discipline (Morrisroe House, 19 Distillery Rd)
Phone: 353 (0) 91 495928
Email:  john.oreilly@nuigalway.ie

Dr Heike Schmidt-Felzmann, Dr. Phil, Dipl. Psych., MA  
Bioethics (especially health care ethics), professional ethics, research ethics, moral philosophy, philosophy of psychology and psychiatry Room 201, Philosophy (Morrisroe House, 19 Distillery Rd)
Phone: 353 (0)91 495043
Email: heike.felzmann@nuigalway.ie

Dr Nick Tosh, M.Sci., Ph.D. (Cantab) On Sabbatical 2017/2018 (First Semester)  
Philosophy of science, philosophy of language, philosophy of history  
Room 203, Philosophy. (Morrisroe House, 19 Distillery Rd). 
Phone: 353 (0)91 495929  
E-mail: nick.tosh@nuigalway.ie

Part-time and Temporary Teaching Staff

Emeritus Staff

Prof. Paul Crowther, BA, MA, Cert. Ed., D.Phil,
Philosophy of Art & Culture, Dialectical Logic & Metaphysics, Kant's  Epistemology &  Aesthetics, Hegel's 
Aesthetics, Cassirer.

Prof. Paschal O'Gorman, BA, B.Sc. MA, Ph.D. (NUI) 
Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology 

Prof. Markus Hilmar Wörner, Dr. Phil. Habil., Lect. theol. (Bonn/Berlin), FRAS, 
Philosophy of Language (Rhetoric), Hermeneutics, Aristotle; Aquinas. 
Email: Markus.Woerner@nuigalway.ie

Retired Members of Staff

Mr. Joseph Mahon, BA, MA (NUI)
Introduction to Practical Ethics, Moral and Political Philosophy, Marxism and Existentialism, Culture and Society

Fr. James Colin Garvey, OFM, MA. Doct. en Philosophie (Louv.)
Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Art, History of Medieval Philosophy.

Mr. Edward Campbell, MA (NUIG)
Teaching Assistant (CID):
Email: Edward.campbell@nuigalway.ie


Administrative Staff

Academic Support

Ann O'Higgins
Room 311 
First Floor, 
Tower 1, 
National University of Ireland Galway 
Galway, IRELAND 
Phone: +353 (0)91 492382, Fax: +353 (0)91-494554, 
E-Mail: ann.ohiggins@nuigalway.ie

Head of Years:

First Years:      Semester One:         Dr. Richard Hull:      richard.hull@nuigalway.ie;
                               Semester Two:         Dr. Gerald Cipriani:   gerald.cipriani@nuigalway.ie

Second Years:                                          Dr. Nick Tosh:               nick.tosh@nuigalway.ie;

Third Years:                                              Dr. Heike Felzmann   heike.felzmann@nuigalway.ie

Postgraduates:                                       Dr. Tsarina Doyle         tsarina.doyle@nuigalway.ie


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Staff Name Type Subject Area Phone
Cipriani, Dr. Gerald
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Philosophy -
Doyle, Dr Tsarina
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Philosophy 5473
Hull, Dr Richard
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Philosophy 3714
Ó Murchadha, Prof Felix Concubhair
Personal Professor
Academic Philosophy 2573
Schmidt-Felzmann, Dr Heike
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Philosophy 5043
Tosh, Dr Nick
Lecturer Below The Bar
Academic Philosophy 5929