Classics SocietyThe Classics Society is a student-run society that aims at promoting all things classical! We arrange events which celebrate Classical civilisation, literature, art and thought, including guest lectures on topics that appeal to the interests of society members. These guest lectures often connect with other subjects such as philosophy, history, sociology and languages, making them all the more interesting for students.‌

Other social events include public and private readings of Classical literature, toga parties and free movie nights showing Classically themed films (e.g. Gladiator, 300).

The annual Classics Society Trip promises to be both entertaining and of academic value to its members, particularly to those studying Classics as part of their degree.

To contact us please email and/or join us on Facebook.

See the noticeboard on the Classics home page for notices of upcoming society events.

All are welcome at the Society's guest speaker events, which where possible include a reception after the lecture. Full details of each event are circulated close to the date.

Classics Society Committee, 2014–2015

  • Treasurer: Christopher Collins
  • Secretary: Heather Black
  • Promo: Lorcan Waters
  • Minister for foreign affairs: Lily Hullinger
  • Co-Auditors: Gary Haverty, Christina Wilkie

Classics Society Committee, 2013–2014

  • Co-auditors: Gary Haverty, Christina Wilkie
  • Secretary: Michelle Rock
  • PRO: Louisa Brophy-Brown

Classics Society Committee, 2012–2013

  • Auditor: Kerry Robertson
  • Vice Auditor: Christina Wilkie
  • Treasurer: Ann Hurley
  • Secretary: Richard Heavey
  • PRO: Angelica Schutz