Current PhD researchers in Classics


Project title



Grace Attwood

Obscurity Has Another Tale to Tell: The Reception and Modification of Latin Literary Models in Ireland during the early Middle Ages

Dr Jacopo Bisagni

Irish Research Council (2017–2021)

Ioannis Doukas

A Trojan Cycle for Late Antiquity: Towards a Digital Intertextual Commentary

Prof. Michael Clarke, Dr Pádraic Moran

NUIG Digital Arts and Humanities Scholarship (2014–2018)

Noémi Farkas

Intertextuality and ideology in Sedulius Scottus, De rectoribus christianis

Dr Pádraic Moran

Galway Doctoral Fellowship (2017–2021)

Francesca Guido

De Analogia, ut ait Romanus: Recovering an embedded text in Charisius’ Latin grammar  

Dr Pádraic Moran

NUIG Digital Arts and Humanities Scholarship (2019–2020), Irish Research Council (2021–2023)

Paula Harrison

A study and critical edition of the Carolingian compilation De Astronomia in Laon, Bibliothèque Municipale, MS 422.

Dr Jacopo Bisagni

Irish Research Council Laureate Project Scholarship (2018–2022)

Ann Hurley

The Anonymous Excidium Troiae: Its importance as a didactic question-and-answer text and its reception and intertextuality in later vernacular literature

Prof. Michael Clarke

Galway Doctoral Scholarship (2015–2016), Irish Research Council (2016–2019)

Maria Chiara Marzolla

Music and the Early Irish Church

Dr Jacopo Bisagni (and Prof. Cesarino Ruini, Bologna)

Galway Doctoral Scholarship (2018–2022)

Erin McKinney

Linguistic Code-Switching in Bethu Brigte, the Old Irish Life of St Brigit

Dr Jacopo Bisagni

NUIG Hardiman Fellowship (2017–18), Irish Research Council (2018–2021)

Elena Nordio

Regionalism and Diversification in Seventh-Century Visigothic Latinity: A Sociolinguistic Approach

Dr Jacopo Bisagni

Irish Research Council (2018–2022)

Mary Sweeney

Jewish identity in 2nd century BCE Alexandria: The texts and transmission of fragmentary Hellenistic Jewish literature

Prof. Michael Clarke

Irish Research Council (2018–2022)

Harry Tanner

Greek lexical semantics

Prof. Michael Clarke