Current Research Projects in Classics

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In recent years the horizons of the discipline have expanded greatly, and our department is playing its part in the resulting renewal and reinvigoration. Thematically, the interests of staff and research students range back and forth across traditional boundaries — between Antiquity and the Middle Ages, between paganism and Christianity, and between the Graeco-Roman Mediterranean and the barbarian world beyond, including the Atlantic West and Ireland in particular. In terms of focus and method, we are reasserting the primary importance of the study of languages and texts: historical linguistics, philology, palaeography and manuscript studies.

Key research specialisms among staff include Indo-European and Celtic linguistics, historical semantics, Latin poetry and palaeography, comparative heroic literature, ethnicity, early Christian textual studies, Hiberno-Latin studies, digital editing, and the recreation of the Classical inheritance in medieval and modern Irish literature.

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Staff members are also regularly involved in events organised by the Centre for Antique, Medieval and Pre-modern Studies (CAMPS)