Classics in First-Year Arts 


Curiosity about human nature lies at the heart of the Arts course and in Classics you will study some of the oldest (and newest) ways of answering such fundamental questions as ‘What makes us human beings?’.

The core modules in the first year give you an introduction to Greek and Roman cultures, both literary and material. You will read Greek myths and Roman poetry while studying the art and architecture created in those societies. In ‘Written Words and Spoken Languages’ you will study the origins and development of languages and the writing systems used to record them. Finally, ‘Classics in Twenty Objects’ gives you a tour of Classical studies from the Ancient Mediterranean to Renaissance Europe by focusing on the objects of our research.

No previous knowledge of Classics is necessary for any of these modules.

During the year you will also gain valuable skills. You will learn how to write an academic essay, complete with references and bibliography, how to give a short presentation, how to discuss your views in small groups, and how to become an independent learner. In second- and final-year Classics at Galway you will have the opportunity to continue working on many of the same themes in greater depth. The course focuses on history, art and architecture, language and literature, and the classical tradition. In addition, you have the option to begin studying Latin or Greek in second year and to continue in the third year if you find you enjoy it.