Exams of the Università per Stranieri di Siena

DITALS - Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language Certificates

DITALS is a professional qualification offered by the Università per Stranieri di Siena for teachers (or prospective teachers) of Italian as a foreign language.

There are two levels of DITALS:

• I Level DITALS      For application form refer to the xx [link] guide for more information
• II Level DITALS     For application form refer to the xx [link] guide for more information


Possession of the I level DITALS certificate guarantees a basic competence in the teaching of Italian as a second language. The I level DITALS is divided into six learner profiles, each one reflecting the didactic needs and interests of the prospective candidate: teaching young children, adolescents, adults, university students, immigrants and learners of Italian with Italian origins. Each candidate is free to choose among these areas.


Possession of the II level DITALS certificate documents the holder’s ability to teach Italian across each of the six learner profiles outlined above and certifies an advanced level of teaching Italian to non-native speakers.


All foreigners and all Italian who live abroad can enrol for the DITALS exam. There is no age limit or any other conditions. However, please note:  deadline for enrolment is 50 days before exam date.

The exam takes place in the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Application forms should be downloaded and completed by applicant and posted to Dr. Laura McLoughlin at Italian Studies, NUI, Galway. Cheques/drafts for the appropriate level should be made payable to National University of Ireland and enclosed with the printed application.  Please contact Dr. Laura McLoughlin or phone 091 492240

DITALS - Certificazione di competenza in didattica dell'italiano a stranieri