Timetables and Course Descriptions 

Academic Year 2021-22

The Final Year Timetable and Academic Booklet for Italian for the upcoming academic year are available for download below:

2021-22 Final Year Booklet

Semester 1:
Final Year (Italian Timetable)
Semester 2:     
F‌inal Year (Italian Timetable) 

Final Year Coordinator:

Dr. Lindsay Myers 
Room AMB-2015, Top Floor
Arts Millennium Building, NUI, Galway  

Tel:        ++ 353 (0)91 492396 
Email:   lindsay.myers@nuigalway.ie 


Cultural Options

General Information for students enrolled in Cultural Options.

T324 Language III

Course Description: Throughout Semester 1 and 2 there will be intensive language work with practice in textual analysis and essay writing on topics of contemporary interest in Italian social, political and cultural life.

IT346 Oral

Students will be led to improve their oral competence in Italian and their presentation skills through discussions and conversation of different topics.

Learning outcomes:

IT324 and IT346 are developed in accordance with the language competence levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages.

The two modules aim at achieving level B2 (minimum) in written and oral production and level C1 in written and aural comprehension