Research Support Scheme

The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies announces a competitive Research Support Scheme (RSS) to encourage the development and completion of research projects across all areas of research in the College (including scholarly and creative projects). The Scheme, with a budget of €65,000, invites proposals under a range of eligible headings described below. Proposals will be evaluated by chairs of the Research Committees of the constituent Schools in the CASSCS and directors of research institutes, coordinated by the Vice-Dean (Research, Reputation, and Impact).

 The RSS seeks to identify and promote promising research, scholarship and creative arts in all areas of the College and encourages colleagues to envision ambitious, long-term projects that will have a substantial impact on their own profiles as researchers or creative artists as well as enhancing the profile of NUI Galway by the quality and significance of their achievements.

Goals of the scheme

  • To advance research with social, scholarly and/or creative significance.
  • To encourage academics to plan the next level of development in their research trajectory.
  • To encourage follow-on applications for competitive external funding.
  • To promote important and engaging research, scholarship, and creative projects, and to enhance our collective reputation for cutting-edge ideas. Projects can be in established disciplines, interdisciplinary, or in new and emerging fields.

Deadline for submission

April 30 2019 

Awards are for one year


 The scheme is open to the following applicants:

  • Permanent academic staff, and non-permanent academic and research staff (where applicants do not already have access to research funding support) will be permitted to apply for the scheme if their contract extends at least to the duration of the award.
  • Only applicants with up to date IRIS profiles can apply
  • All applicants are required to maintain an externally managed public profile which can include Google Scholar, researchgate, scopus or other external indicator of research activity and impact.
  • No retrospective payments will be made for events or research already undertaken
  • Priority will be given to Early Career Researchers
  • Only one application per person can be submitted
  • Collaborative projects are eligible within or across colleges, and across institutions, provided that the principal proposer is a member of the CASSCS
  • In cases of cross-college or cross-institutional collaboration only the costs associated with the activities of CASSCS member can be covered

Eligible costs

  • Research travel: transportation and lodging (NB: a statement should be included to indicate why Triennial travel funds have not been allocated to the proposed project by the applicant if they have access to the Triennial Travel fund).
  • Conference hosting (Note: if proposing a conference to be hosted off-campus, the rationale for providing support should be supplied).
  • Conference attendance if delivering a paper
  • Consumables up to a limit of 1k if clearly tied to the project. Consumables include software, research materials, and equipment, e.g. recording equipment, cameras, etc.
  • Research assistance
  • Research networking
  • Support for research activities (e.g. conducting surveys; fieldwork; archival visits)
  • Costs associated with creative arts practice-as-research are eligible, provided that this practice results in clearly defined research outputs such as publications
  • Research costs (e.g. translations, digitization, transcription, reproductions)
  • Laboratory costs
  • Limited hardware/equipment requests considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Public outreach/community engagement if research-related

Ineligible costs

  • Conference attendance if not delivering a paper
  • Collaborators’ costs if outside CASSCS
  • Expenses currently covered by NUIG grant-in-aid scheme (subvention costs, indexing, production costs)
  • Open access fees (article processing charges)
  • Marking support
  • Teaching buyout
  • Training (unless directly and closely related to a research outcome)
  • Computers

Application Process

Complete application form on link below:

Note: applications will be read by colleagues who are non-specialists, and technical language or jargon should be avoided as much as possible.

 Budget forms can be uploaded to the application form.  Please download this form: Research Support Scheme Budget Form 2019

Maximum allocation

While awards will not normally exceed €2,000, funding in excess of this may in exceptional cases be allocated where the committee considers it merited.

Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated by a panel consisting of chairs of the research committees of the schools within the CASSCS and directors of research institutes, coordinated by the Vice-Dean (Research, Reputation, and Impact).


  • Quality of the research proposal and significance.
  • Significance is defined as extent to which the project, if successfully carried out, has the potential to make a contribution to the field, the applicant’s career, and/or bring distinction to CASSCS/NUI Galway.
  • Clarity of goals, objectives and results
  • Suitability of research methods and justification
  • Feasibility of project timeline 


  • Recipients of awards should provide a 1-2 page report within one month of expiration of the award for inclusion within a summary of the scheme.
  • Blog contributions on the project will also be welcome. 

A portion of the budget, provided by the Research Office, will be dedicated to funding proposals from early career researchers.

Terms & Conditions

  • Funds must be spent within one year of award.
  • Applicants are required to indicate where alternative sources of funding may be available.
  • One no-cost extension of six months may be granted on written request with a justification.

Any queries with the online application form contact

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