Latest Updates:

2021 Winter Conferrings

Because we have been subjected to a cyber-attack which has seriously impacted all of our internal operations and particularly those academic services related to the processing of examination results and the running of graduation ceremonies, we have had no option but to postpone the Winter Conferrings.  We are planning to reschedule the ceremonies at the next possible opportunity which will be in the first two weeks of April 2022.  More information available here.  

2020 Winter Graduates

For the graduates of Winter 2020, who did not have a virtual conferring ceremony, we are delighted to announce that we plan to host special celebratory events during the first two weeks of April 2022. If you wish to attend on these dates, we ask that you register your interest here so that we can keep in touch.  

For 2020 and 2021 graduates who were invited to a virtual conferring, we plan to hold a commemorative gathering in the summer of 2022.