Checklist: Before Your Conferring Day

Pre Book Robe

Prebook Robe online with the official robemakers (Details are on the Information Card).

Note re Mortar Boards: The wearing of mortar boards, the same conventions apply to male and female students. Please note the following from the NUI Academic Dress booklet - Note: Caps are an integral part of academic dress for all those being conferred with the Degrees of Doctor and Higher Doctor. For all other qualifications the wearing of caps has become optional, although in practice many conferees choose to wear caps.

Parchment Name

Please ensure your name is correct for the issue of parchments (this includes accents, apostrophes, etc). Check your registration statement and / or Transcript of results to confirm. For any name changes, please ensure this is completed as early as possible in advance of your conferring date. The request to change can be made directly with the Student information desk at

Not Attending (In Absentia) (Home Address)

If Graduand is unable to attend their conferring ceremony, they will be conferred In Absentia and their parchment will be posted to their home address within two weeks of the ceremony.

Please ensure that the home address (not term address) listed is correct on our system. This can be checked with the Student Information Desk at

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to be conferred, each graduand must satisfy the academic requirements as per Marks and Standards of their course and have paid all outstanding fees.

Special Requests

We are happy to make arrangements to accommodate any graduand or guest with special needs or requirements. Please notify us in advance by e-mail to 

Checklist: On Your Conferring Day


Parking is heavily restricted on the main campus and clamping is in operation. Ample free parking, excluding all pay display areas, is available in the Dangan Carpark for Graduands and guests. A shuttle service runs between the Dangan Carpark and the Orbsent Building (adjacent to the Bailey Allen Hall) at regular intervals from 8am. Please note, the final bus to the Dangan Carpark leaves the Orbsen Building at 7pm sharp.  Please click here for NUI Galway Parking locations on campus.  Please click here for Park and Ride Timetable.


Collect your robe from the robemakers (Details are on the Information Card). Please remember, robes must be returned same day as you are conferred so you should confirm the time for return of the robe with the robemakers on collection.

Graduand Seat Number

Make your way to the Bailey Allen Hall and check the notice board by the entrance for your assigned seat number. Alternatively you can ask one of our staff members. Please note, graduands are assigned seats in the centre aisles.

Those whom degrees are to be conferred are called "graduands", that is they have fulfilled the requirements and are proceeding to their degrees.

Guest Seating

Guests are asked to take their seats in The Bailey Allen Hall no later than half an hour before the ceremony commences.

Guest seating is unassigned in the outer aisles of the hall. Guests are asked not to sit in any seats that have 'reserved' sign as they have been reserved for a genuine reason.

Procession from Balcony

Thirty minutes before the ceremony starts, graduands should make their way upstairs and line up on the balcony of Áras na Macléinn under their assigned seat number. It is very important that graduands line up in the correct order as it is in this specific order that they will proceed into the Bailey Allen Hall, be seated and be called to the stage to receive their degree.

Graduands should be wearing academic robes.

Conferring Ceremony

  • Conferring staff will direct graduands down the stairs and into the Bailey Allen Hall and will sit at their assigned seat number.
  • The Conferring Manager will make a short speech outlining the itinerary for the Conferring ceremony.
  • When graduands are seated, the academic procession make their way into the hall.
  • When the time comes, a Conferring staff member will guide you to the stage in advance of your name being called. When your name is called, you will walk on to the stage.
  • The President will present the graduand with their parchment.
  • Each Graduand will have his/her photo taken with the President of the College before returning to their seat.
  • The candidates have then become "graduates".
  • The President concludes the ceremony with a speech.
  • When the ceremony has finished, the Academic procession will make its way out of the hall followed by you, the graduates.
  • A reception will follow in Áras na Macléinn.
  • Please remember to return your robe to the robemakers.
  • Make your way back to your car.
  • Please note, the last shuttle bus from the Orbsen Building to the Dangan Carpark leaves at 7pm sharp.


The official Conferring photographer, The Lane Studios will be on site adjacent to the hall for the duration of the ceremony where their attendants can assist you.