In this series of interactive short films focused on consent, you will meet four couples and follow each through a sexual encounter, from navigating new hookups to facing sexual issues in a relationship:

  • Tom and Julie - view below
  • Jake & Kieran - view below
  • Becky and John - view below
  • Mary and Siobhán - coming soon

You have control over these characters’ key consent decisions throughout each interactive short film. Each story has three possible endings. So if you don’t like where the story goes, begin again. And again.     

'John and Becky'

Becky is 'in the mood', but John's not feeling it. Should he go along with it anyway?

Should John go along with what Becky says?

You decide. Click below...


'Kieran and Jake'

Kieran and Jake are a match on Grindr - but what happens when they meet in person?

Should Jake leave with him or insist they have a pint first?

You decide. Click below...


'Tom and Julie'

Meet Tom and Julie. It’s closing time and there’s a bit of a vibe. Will these two friends take it any further?

Should Tom go back to Julie's?

You decide. Click below...



About Consent=OMFG

Consent=OMFG (Ongoing, Mutual, Freely Given) is an education and awareness campaign aimed at spreading the messaging and principles of NUI Galway’s SMART Consent workshop initiative to the whole campus community. It asserts that consent is verbal / nonverbal; consent happens in all types of sexual activity and intimacy; and that it matters to people across sexual orientation, gender, relationship status.

SMART Consent is backed up by evidence collected since 2013 through surveys, interviews, and consent workshop participation by over 4,000 students in Irish third level institutions. As a campaign collaboratively designed by staff and student researchers, Consent=OMFG sends out the call that consent should always be ongoing, mutual, and freely given. 

All statistics are drawn from SMART Consent research reports (2017 and 2018) – see


  • Starring Eleanor O’Malley (Julie) and Conor Gormley (Tom)
  • Co-Directed by Charlotte McIvor and Mick Ruane
  • Written by Claire Ahearne, Charlotte McIvor, Megan O’Connor and Justine Nakase
  • Camera Operator: Ger Conway
  • Camera Assistant: Frances Wilde
  • Sound Operator: Jonny White

Consent=OMFG was created through collaboration between Psychology and Drama and Theatre Studies staff and students including Dr. Charlotte McIvor, Dr. Padraig MacNeela, Dr. Siobhán O’Higgins, Chiara Seery, Dr. Tracey Harrington (School of Nursing & Health Sciences, Dublin City University), Kate Dawson, Claire Ahearne, Bertina Bailey, Deirdre Barry, Eilis Carton, Roisin Cooney, Aoife Corry, Alice Cunningham, Jérémie Cyr-Cooke, Anna Fanning, Michael Foley, Rebecca Gilligan, Conor Gormley, Hannah Jansen, Sarah Hoover, Catherine Morris, Daniel Murray, Justine Nakase, Megan O’Connor, Eleanor O’Malley, Roisín O’Malley, Ruairí O’Muineach, Lisa Skilton, and Frances Wilde with input from Rena Bryson, John Murphy, Conor McLaughlin, Aisling Smith, Ciara McEvoy, Tara Spelman, Bridin Joyce, Aoife Delaney Reade, Alisha Finnerty, and Elizabeth Flaherty.