Specialist Certificate in Health Promotion (Oral Health)

Course overview

The Certificate programme takes place over one year and aims to provide students with a professional education and training in the principles and practice of health promotion, with students taking a generic module, a specialist module and a practical project.


Who is the course intended for?

The course is open to those working in a professional capacity in a specialist health promotion field. This programme is designed to meet the needs of health promotion practitioners in specific fields and is run in partnership with specialist agencies. For example, specialist programmes are available in Oral Health Promotion, Youth Work, Health-Promotion Training Centres, Sexual Health Promotion, Community Development, and Supportive Environments for Health, all leading to a Certificate in Health Promotion in the chosen specialism. Some programmes are run directly by the Department of Health Promotion at the request of an agency or professional group, others are run in partnership with an agency, to meet the needs of specific practitioners.

Key facts

Entry requirements

Are set with specialist agencies and are primarily based on relevant work experience

Additional requirements


Duration: 1 year, part-time

Next start date: 2015-2016

ECTS weighting: The certificate comprises three modules which carry a total of 5 ECTs each. The entire course represents 15 ECTs

Average intake: Variable

Closing date: Friday, 10th July 2015 for Oral Health

NFQ level: 7

Mode of study: Combination of distance & classroom based learning

Course outline

Programme Content

- 1HM6 Spec Cert – Oral Health (Modules: HP130; HP131; HP134)


The Certificate in Health Promotion in a chosen specialism is a taught programme comprising the following three modules:

  • Principles and practice of health promotion (Semester 1 and 2)
  • Specialism in health promotion (Semester 2)
  • Project (Semester 1 and 2)

The first two modules include workshop participation and self-paced instructional materials and assignments for home study, while the third module focuses on project work.

Applications and selections

Application Open Date: Thursday, 2nd April, 2015:

ORAL HEALTH - Apply here



Please ensure that you list the full course name on the heading of your personal statement.

Requirements and assessment

Each module is assessed by means of an essay or a practical project

Find out more

Ms. Anne O’Grady

Department of Health Promotion
NUI Galway
T: 091 493644
E: anne.ogrady@nuigalway.ie


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Past Students

Deirdre Collins re HP SpecCerts testimonial

Deirdre Collins

Graduate of Specialist Certificate in Health Promotion (Oral Health) 2012

Having spent many years as dental nurse and receptionist I needed a course to strengthen my knowledge base. The Specialist Certificate in Oral Health Promotion provided me with the platform to further my career. Being a part time course was attractive and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of self directed learning. Workshops, debates and essays provided variety and excellent support was just an e-mail away.



"...I feel much more confident when talking to parents and children about their oral hygiene and giving them advice on diet"

"The Specialist Certificate gave me good grounding in the theoretical concepts of oral health promotion to become competent and confident."

"Having completed the course in OH Promotion has given such diversification to my job. It gave me the confidence to carry out my duties with conviction and pride but also reiterated my awareness of the responsibility we all have to ensure the information we give our patients and clients is as up to date as possible and based on researched, evaluated evidence..."