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College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies

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Course Name
Advanced Language Skills (MA)
Applied Behaviour Analysis (MSc)
Archaeology (HDip, full-time or part-time)
Art and Ecology (MA, MFA)
Arts Policy and Practice (MA/PDip) [full-time, part-time]
Classics (MA)
Clinical Psychology (Doctor of Psychological Science)
Coastal & Marine Environments: Physical Processes, Policy & Practice (MSc) (full-time)
Conference Interpreting (MA/PDip)
Culture and Colonialism (MA)
Digital Media (MA/PDip)
Drama and Theatre (MA/PGDip) [full-time, part-time]
Education (Master of)
Education (Professional Master of, [Post-Primary])
English (MA) [full-time/part-time]
Environment, Society, and Development (MA)
Family Support Studies(MA/PDip)
Film Studies: Theory and Practice (MA/PDip, full-time or part-time)
Fine Art (Post Baccalaureate [HDip])
Fine Art in Studio Art (Master of)
French (MA)
Global Women's Studies: Gender, Globalisation and Rights (MA, full-time, part-time)
German Literature/Language (MA)
Health Promotion (MA/PDip & full-time or part-time)
Health Psychology (MSc)
History (MA/PGDip)[full-time/part-time]
International Contemporary Literatures and Media (MA)
Irish Drama and Theatre (MA/PDip)
Irish Studies (MA, full-time or part-time)
Journalism (MA)
Landscape Archaeology (MA)
Literature and Publishing (MA)
Mathematics (MA/MSc/PDip/HDipAppSc)
Medieval Studies (MA)
Nua-Ghaeilge (MA)
Oideachas (Máistir Gairmiúil san [MGO])
Old and Middle Irish (MA full-time, part-time)
Production and Direction (MA/PDip)
Psychology—Conversion (HDipA)
Psychology—Full (HDipA)
Public Advocacy and Activism (MA/PDip)[full-time, part-time]
Rural Sustainability (MA)(full-time)
Screenwriting (MA/PDip)
Social Work (MA)
Spanish (MA)
Special Educational Needs (PDip)
Texts, Technologies & Transitions 1350–1800 (MA) (full-time/part-time)
Theatre Practice and Production (MA/PGDip) (full-time)
Translation Studies (MA)
Values & Knowledge (Philosophy)(MA)
Writing (MA)
Writing for Theatre (MA/PGDip)

College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies / An tAcadamh

Course Name
Ateangaireacht Chomhdhála (MA/Diop) / (Conference Interpreting)
Cumarsáid (MA/Dioplóma Iarchéime) (lánaimseartha agus páirtaimseartha)
Leánn Teanga (MA/Dioplóma Iarchéime)

College of Business, Public Policy, and Law

Course Name
Accounting (Master of)
LLB (Bachelor of Laws, full-time or part-time)
Business Administration (EMBA) (PDip)
Business Analytics (MSc)
Business Studies (HDip)
Digital Marketing (MSc)
Economic Science (HDip)
Accounting (Master of)
Executive Master of Business Administration [EMBA]/Postgraduate Diploma (Management) [PDip]
Finance & Information Systems (MSc)
Health Economics (MSc)
Human Resource Management(MSc)
Information Systems Management (MSc)
Innovation Management (PDip)
International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy (LLM), full-time or part-time
International Criminal Law (LLM, full-time or part-time)
International Finance (MEconSc)
International Human Rights (LLM, full-time or part-time)
International Management (MSc)
International Marketing and Exporting (MSc)[full-time]
Marketing: Professional Selling and Sales Management (MSc)
Marketing: Professional Selling and Sales Management (MSc)
Marketing: Technology and Innovation (MSc)
Marketing Management (MSc, full-time or part-time)
Marketing Practice (MSc)
Marketing Practice Top Up (MSc) (part-time)
Master of Business Administration (EMBA, PDip, part-time)
Natural Resource Economics and Policy (MEconSc)
Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict (formerly [International Peace Support Operations]) (LLM, full-time or part-time)
Public Law (LLM, full-time or part-time)
Strategy, Innovation and People Management (MSc)
Technology Commercialisation (PDip)
Technology Management (MSc)

College of Engineering and Informatics

Course Name
Enterprise Systems (MApplSc, full-time or part-time)
Occupational Safety Engineering and Ergonomics (MApplSc, full-time or part-time)
Software Design and Development (Higher Diploma)—Industry Stream / ICT Skills
Software Design and Development (MSc, "External" stream/HDipAppSc)
Software Engineering (Diploma)
Software Engineering and Database Technologies (MSc)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Civil Engineering (ME)
Biomedical Engineering (ME/MSc)
Energy Systems Engineering (ME)
Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering (ME)
Computer Science - Data Analytics (MSc)
Water Resources Engineering (MSc)

College of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences

Course Name
Childhood Language and Communication Impairments (PgCert) full-time and part-time
Chronic Illness Management (Master of) full-time / part-time
Clinical Education (Master of, PDip/Cert)
Clinical Primary Care (PDip/Cert)
Clinical Research (MSc, full-time and part-time)
Endovascular Surgery (Master in Medical Science)(Postgraduate Diploma)
Health Promotion (MA/PDip & full-time or part-time)
Medical & Healthcare Simulation (PGCERT, PDIP, Masters) | Distance Learning
Medical Science (Masters in)
Multidisciplinary Radiology (MSc/PDip)
Nursing (Master of)
Nursing (PDip/Cert)
Nursing Education (PDip)
Nursing/Midwifery Education (Masters)
Nursing: Acute Medicine (PDip)
Nursing: Advanced Practice with Prescribing (Masters)
Nursing: Advanced Practice with Prescribing (PDip)
Nursing: Emergency Care (PDip, full-time)
Nursing: Gerontology (PDip, full-time)
Nursing: Intensive Care (PDip, full-time)
Nursing: Mental Health, Community and Inpatient Care (PDip) full-time
Nursing: Midwifery (HDip)
Nursing: Midwifery (PgCert)
Nursing: Nurse/Midwife Prescribing (Certificate in)
Nursing: Oncology (PDip, full-time)
Nursing: Palliative Care (PDip, full-time or part-time)
Public Health Nursing (PDip)
Preventive Cardiology (MSc/PDip)
Primary Care (Masters)
Regenerative Medicine (MSc)
Surgery, Masters in (MCh)
Wound Healing and Tissue Repair (PDip in Health Sciences)

College of Science

Course Name
Applied Mathematics (HDipAppSc)
Applied Microbiology (PDip)
Biodiversity & Land-Use Planning (MSc) via blended learning
Biomedical Science (MSc)
Biomedical Science—continuous/flexible (MSc)
Biomedical Science via distance learning (MSc/PgCert)
Biotechnology (MSc, full-time or part-time)
Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (MSc)
Mathematics (MSc & HDipAppSc)
Medical Physics (MSc)
Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs (MSc)
Neuropharmacology (MSc)
Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety (MSc/HDip, full-time/part-time)
Occupational Health & Safety Top Up (MSc)
Sustainable Resource Management: Policy and Practice, inter-institutional programme (MSc)
Toxicology (MSc)