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Course overview

Initial enquiries should be made to the Head of Discipline. A general indication of likely research interests would be welcome. The MLitt is a two-year, full-time (or four-year, part-time) postgraduate programme of research assessed by a major thesis of at least 40,000 words. 

Programmes available

MLitt (Archaeology), full-time
MLitt (Archaeology), part-time

Areas of interest

The Burren Landscape Through Time
Exploring the archaeology of the Burren from prehistoric to early modern times.

Landscape Archaeology
Providing an enhanced understanding of the interaction between people and landscape, from prehistoric times to modern day.

Ritual and Place
Exploring the role and context of ritual centres in prehistoric and medieval Ireland.

Material Culture, Art and Society
Exploring the style, pedigree and iconography of religious and decorative art in early medieval Ireland against its wider European backdrop.

Gaelic and Colonial Ireland
Providing modern Irish society with a new understanding of native society and its engagement with newcomers and colonisation.

Public Archaeology
Developing professional ethics and standards through mutually accountable work with communities to support their heritage in Ireland and abroad with particular concern for the positive and negative impact of development.

Irish Prehistory
All aspects of Irish prehistory including, but not limited to: the development of societies; interactions between people, place and landscape in prehistory; upland settlement; regionality; role of mountains in prehistory; megalithic monuments; lithics.

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PAC code

MLitt (full-time) GYB02
MLitt (part-time) GYB03

Fees for this course

EU: €5,250 p.a. 2018/19

Non-EU: €14,250 p.a. 2018/19

EU Part time:  Year 1 [2018/19] €3,575. p.a.

How to Apply