Phd (Speech & Language Therapy)—full-time and part-time MPhil (Health Sciences—Speech & Language Therapy)— full-time and part-time

College of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Sciences,
School of Health Sciences

Course overview

The Discipline of Speech & Language Therapy aims to stimulate, conduct and disseminate high quality research in language, communication, eating/drinking/swallowing, and education which will have a significant impact on speech and language therapy practice and education. At this point we can offer a PhD in Language Science which is open to graduates with clinical and non-clinical degrees. For applicants who are not qualified speech and language therapists, this degree does not provide a qualification in speech and language therapy. To pursue this degree, candidates should have an honours degree and should discuss this matter with the Head of Discipline.

Programmes available

PhD, part-time
MPhil, full-time
MPhil, part-time

Entry requirements

Candidates should normally have a high honours standard in a relevant academic discipline at primary degree level or equivalent together with the support of an academic staff member who is approved by the College to supervise the research in terms of its nature and scope.

Additional entry requirements
Candidates may be required to submit a research proposal for consideration by the School as part of their application.

Areas of interest


  • Psycholinguistics 
  • Language and cognition 
  • Language structure



Please refer to the Discipline of Speech and Language Therapy website for further information on the research interests and expertise of staff members:

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PAC code

PhD (part-time) GYN64
MPhil (full-time) GYN91
MPhil (part-time) GYN92

Current project

Representation of verbs and their arguments structures in a bilingual lexicon.

Language acquisition in native speakers of Irish observed through narratives.

Noise exclusion ability in children with language disorder.

Fees for this course

EU: €4,529 p.a. 2016/17

Non-EU: €13,750 p.a. 2016/17

Ph.D. EU Full time programme:  €4,529 p.a.

Ph.D. EU Part time programme:  €2,320 p.a.

How to Apply

What Our Students Say


Sarah Berthaud |   PhD (Language Science)

The PhD programme is suited for anyone interested in psycholinguistics, language acquisition and impairments, bilingualism or linguistics in general. Not only are students given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in general areas but they can also acquire skills in specific areas such as research methodology.

How to Apply