Human Rights (PhD, full-time and part-time)

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Course overview

The Irish Centre for Human Rights is at the forefront of doctoral research on international human rights law in Europe. The doctoral programme is unique not only because of the exceptional standard of research and level of publication but also because of the environment in which doctoral students work. A thriving research community exists at the Centre with in excess of 40 doctoral candidates enrolled on the programme each year. Students from a range of academic backgrounds are engaged in research on a broad spectrum of issues related to international human rights law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law and international relations.

Programmes available

PhD (Human Rights), full-time
PhD (Human Rights), part-time

Entry requirements

To be eligible to enrol for the PhD, a candidate must have obtained a high honours standard at primary degree level, normally Second Class Honours, Grade 1 or equivalent international qualification.

Areas of interest

• Conflict and Post-Conflict

• International Humanitarian Law

• International Criminal Law

• Counter-terrorism

• Transitional Justice

• Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

• International Peace Support

• International Criminal Justice

• Transitional Justice

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PAC code

PhD (full-time), GYK04
PhD (part-time), GYK05

Fees for this course

EU: €4,275 p.a. 2016/17

Non-EU: €13,250 p.a. 2016/17

Ph.D. EU Full time programme:  €4,275 p.a.  Ph.D. EU Part time programme:  €2,250 p.a.

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What Our Students Say


Joseph Powderly |   Current Student

A vibrant and engaging multi-national doctoral research community, coupled with a globally recognised faculty make the Irish Centre for Human Rights the ideal environment in which to engage in PhD research in the field of human rights and international law.

How to Apply