Structured PhD (Biomedical Engineering Science) - full-time

College of Science,
National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science

Course overview

This programme is intended for those students who are affiliated to specific aligned Structured PhD programmes underway within NUI Galway and partner institutions, who wish to be categorised and conferred as NCBES students.

Students will be affiliated to their designated Structured PhD programme throughout and will carry out their research and education activities within the NCBES or collaborative units, centres, schools or disciplines.

Programmes available

Structured PhD, 4 years full-time

Areas of interest

The central mission of the NCBES is to develop innovative research programmes that promote the understanding and treatment of today's major diseases. Researchers at the NCBES focus on some of the major medical challenges that face the world today, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, orthopaedic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. We provide an environment where molecular biology, cell biology, engineering, imaging technology and clinical sciences merge. With a strong focus on translating our discoveries to improved patient care, these themes are supported by enabling expertise in bioanalytical technology, materials science and glycosciences.

Our research is making a real contribution to the advancement of biomedical discovery through significant research centres and clusters including the Alimentary Glycoscience Research Centre, the Regenerative Medicine Institute, the Centre for Chromosome Biology, the Network for Functional Biomaterials, the Centre for Pain Research, the Prostate Cancer Institute and others.

Researcher profiles

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Contact Us

NCBES Director
Prof. Rhodri Ceredig

NCBES Administrative Assistant
Ms. Triona Quinn 

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Current project

(i) Biomedical Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (BMERM)

(ii) Molecular & Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Inflammatory Processes (MolCellBiol)

Fees for this course

EU: €5,750 p.a. 2018/19

Non-EU: €14,750 p.a. 2018/19