(Structured PhD) Surgery

College of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Sciences,
School of Medicine

Course overview

The Discipline of Surgery provides a facility for medical students and surgical personnel wishing to undertake clinical research projects or postgraduate courses. Current research involves the Department of breast, gastrointestinal/colorectal, orthopaedic and vascular Surgery. The research laboratory is also home to full-time scientific researchers focusing primarily on cancer research.

Research facilities include the Surgical Research laboratories in the Clinical Science Institute, REMEDI, NCBES at NUI Galway and the Western Vascular Institute at University Hospital, Galway.

The Discipline of Surgery collaborates with national and international research institutions, e.g. Cancer Research UK, EMBL, and the Mayo Clinic. Researchers are affiliated with the Galway Cancer Initiative.
The Discipline offers supervision in a wide area of medical interest. To pursue a research degree potential candidates should discuss the matter with the Head of Discipline.

Programmes available

Structured PhD (full-time, four years)

Structured PhD (part-time, six years)

Areas of interest

Breast cancer

  • Population genetics
  • Molecular profiling
  • Role of stem cells in metastasis
  • Mestastatis prevention
  • Early detection

 Colorectal cancer

  • Molecular profiling
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Ischaemia/Reperfusion
  • Wound healing


  • Stem cells in arthritis (with REMEDI)
  • Hyperbaric oxygen

Researcher profiles

Contact Us

Ms. Grace Clarke
E: grace.clarke nuigalway.ie
T: 091 544203/524390

PAC code

Structured PhD
full-time - GYP19
part-time - GYP30

Current project

Fees for this course

EU: €5,750 p.a. 2018/19

Non-EU: €14,750 p.a. 2018/19

EU Part time:  Year 1 [2018/19] €3,910. p.a.