Your Career with an Arts Degree

Your Career with an Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree is NUI Galway’s most popular undergraduate programme, and the second largest degree
programme in the country. There is a good reason for this popularity as Arts graduates are amongst the most employable
graduates in the world because of their versatility and ability to think critically and independently.

The current uncertainty in the employment market means that there has never been a better time to consider studying Arts.
An Arts degree will provide you with a unique combination of intellectual skills, knowledge and interpersonal competence
that will make you highly adaptablein a constantly changing workforce.

Arts graduates are not locked into one set of skills that may become redundant in the future; they are flexible, multi-skilled
critical thinkers who are well prepared to meet the challenges of the modern jobs market. The Arts degree is the perfect
foundation for a wide range of interesting and rewarding careers. The Career Development Centre  has more information
and advice on career options.



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