Blue Click


What is is an online service management tool from O2. It gives O2 corporate users access to O2's most up to date product and service information. You can order new and replacement products online, track the status of your order at any time, raise service requests and monitor the resolution of these and more

How do I register for

From your browser go to  To register for a account click " Click here to register".
Enter your NUI Galway email address and other details. This registration request is automatically sent to ISS.
ISS will contact you to confirm your Nominated Contact for O2 and you will then receive an email with Blueclick login credentials.

How do I login to

From your browser go to  Enter your blueclick username and blueclick password, click on Click here to login 
Note: your username is your NUI Galway email address.

I have forgotten my password

Please note your username is your NUI Galway email address. If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Your Password? to get a new password automatically from O2.

How do I get a faulty device repaired?

Login to and from the home screen click on Returns & Repairs. Complete the prompted questions and O2 will be in contact with you regarding organizing collection of your device for repair. Customer Support for NUI Galway staff, dial 061 203712

How do I request other services e.g. Request Roaming?

Login to, scroll down to Place a Service Request, go to  Change add-ons and click Raise a request.  Please enter your username or mobile number and click Search.  Once your number is selected, follow the questions asked to request a Roaming bundle.  For more information on O2 Roaming, see the O2 web pages