Who to contact?

 If you would like to contact someone in the Disability Support Service Team, please choose from the options below: 


Meet the Disability Support Team 

Administrative Team

Ann Marie Curran
Executive Administrative Assistant
Email: Ann Marie Curran

Siobhan Jordan
Administrative Assistant
Email: Siobhan Jordan

Orla Daly
Administrative Assistant
Email: Orla Daly 

Area of support: Provides disability support related information to students, colleagues and members of the public, and administrative support to the Disability Support Service Team.


Disability Officer

Bernie McGee
Disability Officer
Email: Bernie McGee

Area of support: Overall management of the Disability Support Service.


Disability Advisors

Catherine Dufficy
Assistant Disability Officer
Email: Catherine Dufficy

Area of support: Needs assessments and advisor for students registered with physical, sensory and ongoing medical conditions. Provides support to the Disability Officer.


Pearce Johnson
Disability Advisor
Email: Pearce Johnson

Area of support: Needs assessments and advisor for students registered with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia/dyscalculia), developmental coordinator disorder (dyspraxia) and attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD).


Maeve McCaldin 
Disability Advisor
Email: Maeve McCaldin

Area of support: Needs assessments and advisor for students registered with mental health and neurological conditions. Campus accommodation for students with disabilities. Placement planning for students with disabilities.


Ellen Moran
Assistant Psychologist
Email: Ellen Moran

Area of support: Needs assessments and advisor for students registered with mental health diagnoses, neurological conditions and specific learning difficulties. Facilitates psycho-educational workshops for students registered with the Disability Support Service.


Gwen Ryan
Assistant Librarian and Disability Advisor
Email: Gwen Ryan

Area of support: Manages disability supports for incoming and registered students with Shannon College of Hotel Management.


Assistive Technology Team

Betty Attwood
Assistive Technology Officer
Email: Betty Attwood

Denise Keaveney
Assistive Technology Officer
Email: Denise Keaveney

Sylvia Nutley   
Assistive Technology Officer
Email: Sylvia Nutley

Area of support: Provides assistive technology and related training to students registered with the Disability Support Service.

Email enquiries should be directed to disabilityservice@nuigalway.ie 


Occupational Therapists

Kate Brooks
Senior Occupational Therapist
Email: Kate Brooks

Jessica Duggan
Senior Occupational Therapist
Email: Jessica Duggan

Area of Support: Supports students registered with the Disability Support Service to participate fully in the activities of college life and engage in their academic study.  


Access Engagement Officer

Anna Ní Fhlatharta
Access Engagement Office
Email: Anna Ní Fhlatharta

Area of Support: Provides communication and marketing support to the Access Centre teams.



Áras Ui Chathail

The Disability Support Service (DSS) is located in the Access Centre on the ground floor of Áras Ui Chathail.

See location of Áras Ui Chathail on the college interactive map or on this Campus Map (accessibility).
The front entrance on the right-hand side of the building is an automatic door.

Note: DSS continues to provide online disability support during campus closures due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please email us for support via disabilityservice@nuigalway.ie 


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