The Disability Support Service (DSS) at NUI Galway supports students at Access Programmes undergraduate, postgraduate  level. Registration with DSS is separate process to registering as a student of the University.  Students can register with the DSS at any stage during their course of study; however, it is recommended that students register at the beginning of first year. Registration allows students to avail of supports that are determined by an individual needs assessment.  Students cannot avail of these supports unless they are registered with the service. Please follow these three steps to register with the Disability Support Service.

1. What you need to register?

To register with DSS you must provide verification of your disability, which can either be an Evidence of Disability Form or a Medical Report with the same level of detail from the appropriate consultant, please see table below for information on the type of report required and the age limit of the report.  If you made a complete application to the DARE scheme, you do not need to resubmit your evidence of disability to our office. We can access your documentation from the CAO.



Age of report

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Consultant Psychiatrist OR Psychologist OR Neurologist OR Paediatrician

No age limit


Consultant Psychiatrist OR Psychologist OR Neurologist OR Paediatrician

No age limit

Blind/Vision impaired

Ophthalmologist/Ophthalmic Surgeon OR Letter from NCBI OR attended school for the Blind

No age limit

Deaf/Hard of hearing

Audiogram OR attended school for the Deaf

No age limit

Neurological Condition

Neurologist OR relevant Consultant

No age limit

Speech and Language Disabilities

Speech and Language Therapist

No age limit


Orthopaedic Consultant OR relevant Specialist

No age limit

Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) Dyspraxia/Dysgraphia

Educational Psychologists report AND Occupational Therapist OR Neurologist

No age limit

Mental health condition

Consultant Psychiatrist OR Specialist Registrar

No older than 5 years

Significant Ongoing Illness

Relevant Consultant e.g. Diabetes Type 1: Endocrinologist or Paediatrician

No older than 5 years

Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia or Dyscalculia)

Educational Psychologists report

No older than 5 years

2. Online Registration Form

All students must complete this online registration form to register with DSS. This online form will only take about 5 minutes to complete. 

3. Needs Assessment

The third step is to meet with a member of the Disability Support Service team who will carry out a full needs assessment.

After you have filled in the online form, a member of the DSS team will contact you to arrange an appointment for a Needs Assessment.

What to expect during your Needs Assessment appointment:

  • your educational needs will be assessed and summarized in a learning educational needs assessment summary (LENS);
  • academic, examination  and technology supports, such as one to one tuition or assistive technology may be put in place;
  • you will get access to group study programs such as Study Skills and Time Management;
  • Your LENS report will be issued to your Academic Department and emailed to you, detailing the academic supports that will be put in place to support you during your time at university.