BA Connect with Performing Arts Studies (GY115)

The BA CONNECT programme allows students to take a BA degree in any two subjects of their choice, while “connecting with”  opportunities to develop their personal interest in drama. The BA Connect programme is ideally suited to students who wish to develop an academic interest in other subjects, but who would also like to produce or read plays in their spare time.

In their first two years BA Connect students participate in practical classes in a variety of acting techniques and performance styles. These encourage a greater understanding of theatre practice and the importance of theatre in human culture. In their third year students studying a modern language* as one (or more) of their traditional subjects will spend time in a region or country where the language(s) is the native tongue. The students will be placed at third level institutions that facilitate the practical study of the theatrical  practice and culture of the host country. Those students remaining in Ireland participate in workshops developed by theatre practitioners  and work with a professional director on a collectively-created  stage production.

In the final year, students drop drama in order to concentrate on their two degree subjects, but opportunities to engage in theatre-related activities will be made available outside of class.

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Final Year Students concentrate on their two other BA Subjects but may participate in theatre and performance outside of class.