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Handbook for undergraduate students 2017/18

The Economics Undergraduate Handbook for  the 2017/18 Academic Year is now available.

  • 2017/18 Economics Undergraduate Handbook

Short module descriptions for Second and Final Year BA Economics for the 2017/18 Academic Year are now available:

   •  2017/18 Short module descriptions for second year BA Economics

   • 2017/18 Short module descriptions for final year BA Economics

We hope that both new and returning students will find this a useful guide to economics at NUI Galway, including summaries of course choices/structures, and guidance on engaging with your studies in economics.

Other resources

Students in the B.Sc. (Financial Mathematics and Economics) should consult

Students in the B.Comm and other degrees in the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics should consult


Undergraduate economics timetables 2017/18

Please note timetables are provisional. Any (limited) changes will be noted here and announced at lectures.

These timetables generally list economics modules: you may naturally need to consult timetables provided by other units, and/or e.g. the programme directors of denominated degree programmes.

1st year

   •   2017/18 1BA1 Economics Timetable (For 1BA1 students, also for other Arts degrees, e.g. BA (Public and Social Policy), BA (Connect), as well as B.Sc. (Financial Maths + Economics)

   •   2017/18 Revised 1BA1 Economics Semester 2 timetable

2nd year

   •   2017/18 2BA1 Economics Timetable (For 2BA1 students, and 2nd year students in related Arts degrees)

   •   2017/18 Revised 2BA1 Economics Semester 2 Timetable

 3rd/Final year

‌   •   2017/18 Final Year B.A. Economics Timetable (for 3BA1 students and 4BA4 (International) students)

   •   2017/18 Revised Final Year Economics Semester 2 Timetable


Students in 1st Comm, 2nd Comm. and final year B.Comm and other degrees in the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics should consult


BA (Public & Social Policy)



Enquiries about economics timetables can be directed to:

General academic enquiries about economics to Dr Aidan Kane, who is director of undergraduate studies in economics: