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Archive: 2005

Friday 16th December 2005
3.00 PM Room 1, Cairnes
Economics seminar
Contingent valuation and choice experiments

Craig Bullock UCD


Friday 9th December 2005
3.00 PM Room 2, Cairnes
Economics seminar
The transition to neoliberalism in Latin America

Alfredo Saad Filho

Thursday 8th December 2005
9.00 AM Seminar Room, CSHSHC
ESPRU/CHILD Workshop on Discrete Choice Labour Supply Models


Wednesday 7th December 2005
1.00 PM Room 1, Cairnes
Economics seminar
Contingent valuation method: citizen versus consumer values

John Curtis

Friday 18th November 2005
(venue to be confirmed)
Economics seminar
AIDS and income distribution in Africa: a micro-simulation study of Côte d’Ivoire

Michael Grimm University of Göttingen


Friday 28th October 2005
3.00 PM CSHSHC Seminar Room
Economics seminar
Where do Austrialians invest?

Kevin Daly School of Economics and Finance, University of Western Sydney, Australia


Thursday 10th February 2005
3.00 PM BS001 Cairnes
Economics seminar
The determinants of quality of life for dependent older people: methodology, meaning and measurement.

Eamon O'Shea Economics, NUI Galway