'Brown bag' seminar

Long-term health returns to quality of schooling in the UK: the role of self-selection and heterogeneity

Anirban Basu
University of Washington, Seattle

Tuesday 3rd September 2013
10.30 AM CA110 (SAC Room): Cairnes Building
Note the time/venue difference from the regular Friday seminars.

This paper is concerned with evaluating the impact of educational attainment and of attending qualitatively different types of school on health outcomes and health-related behaviour later in life. The association between educational attainment and a range of health outcomes is well documented. Some of the channels through which education may have an impact on health and health-related behaviours include the effect of education on employment, both the type of jobs available to people and their lifetime earnings; the effect on relative social status; and the effect on use of health care and other health-related behaviours, through the acquisition of specific health knowledge, through improved information processing and decision-making skills, and through the influence on behavioural responses to future costs and benefits and to perceived health risks. Less is known, however, about whether the quality of schooling also has an impact on health and how this interacts with the effect of educational attainment and this paper outlines some innovative statistical techniques to address this question.

Dr. Basu is a Professor in the Departments of Health Services and the Department of Economics at the University of Washington, Seattle where he is also the Director of the Program in Health Economics and Outcomes Methodology (PHEnOM).

Dr. Basu's research focuses on methods and applications that study observed and unobserved heterogeneity in clinical and economic outcomes and attempts to establish the value of individualized care. He has written extensively on modelling health expenditure data and the use of econometric methods for causal inference. He has also worked on the theoretical and empirical foundations in cost-effectiveness analyses and value of information analyses in the context of prostate cancer and schizophrenia.

Dr. Basu is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2007 Research Excellence Award for Methodological Excellence and the 2009 Bernie O'Brien New Investigator Award from the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, the 2008 Alan Williams Health Economics Fellowship from the University of York, UK and the 2009 Labelle Lectureship from McMaster University, Canada. Dr. Basu will also be presenting a paper at the Economics of Cancer Research Symposium on September 2. See link below for more details.

Economics of Cancer Research Symposium on September 2nd 2013