Economics seminar

The Evaluation of end-of-life care: a broader capability framework

Joanne Coast
University of Bermingham

Friday 7th March 2014
2.00 PM CA111 Lecture Hall 1: Cairnes Building

Professor Joanne Coast has been Professor of Health Economics at the University of Birmingham since November 2005.  Her research interests lie in the theory underlying economic evaluation, developing broader measures of outcome for use in economic evaluation (including measures of capability), health care decision making, the economics of antimicrobialresistance and the organisation of care. She has published extensively in all of these areas. She has been a member of a number of national and international grant-awarding panels and is currently a member of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Funding Committee. She is also Senior Editor, Health Economics for Social Science and Medicine.

The major focus of Joanna’s current research programme is around the operationalisation of Amartya Sen’s capability approach for health care decision making. She has led the development of the ICECAP-O and ICECAP-A capability indices, valued using best-worst scaling. She has also explored the use of the capability approach more broadly within health economics.  Current work, funded by a large EU grant, is looking at applying the capability approach to evaluation of interventions at the end of life