Jan 08 2015 Posted: 13:33 GMT

Timetables for Semester II 2014/15 i.e., beginning 12th January 2015,
are now online:

Note that in particular, the 3BA1 (Economics) timetables  have been revised from versions made available last September, and that these changes carry through to 4BA1 etc.

However, there are no changes to earlier versions of the timetables for 1BA1 (Economics) and 2BA1 (Economics).

There have also been some revisions to timetables for  taught postgrad programmes, i.e. for:

  • M.Econ.Sc. Economic Policy Evaluation & Planning - Year 2 (part-time)
  • M.Sc. Health Economics - Year 1 (part-time)
  • M.Sc. Health Economics (full-time)
  • M.Econ.Sc. Natural Resource Economics & Policy
  • M.Econ.Sc. International Finance
  • H.Dip.Econ.Sc. Stream A
  • H.Dip.Econ.Sc. Stream B

For details, see:

Enquiries to economics@nuigalway.ie