Economics PhD students

Total: 32

Ashe, Sinéad
Analysis of asset price fluctuations using nonlinear time series techniques
Breen, Benjamin
The application of portfolio theory to the regulation of the Irish marine sector
Brennan, Noreen
An economic analysis of renewable electricity generation from community wind farms in Ireland
Burns, Richéal M.
The economics of prostate cancer screening: a cost-effectiveness analysis for PSA testing for the secondary prevention of prostate cancer in Ireland
Carney, Patricia
An analysis of breast cancer care
Chyzheuskaya, Aksana
Economics of Water Framework Directive implementation: the impact on farm income
Clavin, Daniel
Bio-economic modelling of organic cattle farming
Coughlan, Diarmuid
Economic essays on head and neck cancer in the HPV era—cost, impact and knowledge
Gillespie, Patrick R.
Dairy economics, expansion and sustainable grassland
Higgins, Daniel
Irish labour market institutions and the unemployment crisis
Keogh, Sinead
An empirical analysis of the time allocation of farm household members in the West of Ireland—Non-Market Off-Farm Activities
Kilcline, Kevin
Developing a bioeconomic model of sheep production systems for Ireland
Kilgarriff, Paul
Spatial distribution of welfare in Ireland
McCormack, Michele
Micro-economics of beef
McMahon, Cian
Employment policy in a sustainable economy
Metadjer, Naoise
Dynamics of régime shifts in sovereign bond and CDS markets
Morris, Cyril
An economic analysis of large-scale renewable electricity provision and transmission from the Irish grid
Murphy, Fidelma
Murphy, Geraldine
An environmental and economic analysis of the REPS scheme
Norton, Daniel
Valuing the non-market benefits arising from the implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive
Ó Céilleachair, Alan
Economic issues and choices facing policy-makers and patients with colorectal cancer in Ireland
Osunde, Omo
The socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
O’Neill, Stephen
Exploring the impact of subsidies on Irish farms
Pierse, Tom
Employment institutions and labour market flows
Queally, Michelle
A health economic analysis of obesity in Ireland
Rathnayake, Ganga K.
Global value chains and labour relations in the Sri Lankan garment industry
Roddy, Áine
Essays on the economics of childhood disability
Ryan, Mary
Economic and behavioural factors affecting afforestation decisions for farmers
Salerno, Gillian
Individual rights and cycles in collective decisions
Vidyaratne, Herath
Valuation of afforested lands in Ireland
Walsh, Brendan P.
The economics of cancer screening
Wijeratne, M. M. Dinali
Essays on the Irish housing market

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