Sinéad Ashe

B.Comm., M.Econ.Sc. (International Finance)

PhD student NUI Galway


Sinéad Ashe is a PhD student in economics at NUI Galway. She commenced her PhD in 2010 having completed her B.Comm degree and M.Econ.Sc (International Finance). Her research interests are primarily in the area of macroeconomic modeling, with a particular emphasis on Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models and monetary policy. She is interested in the interaction between the financial and the real economy during crisis periods.

Analysis of asset price fluctuations using nonlinear time series techniques

Keywords nonlinear dynamics, DSGE modeling, macroeconomics, Bayesian statistics


PhD research funding

  • NUI Galway College of Arts PhD fellowship

Head of Economics

Prof Alan Ahearne

Contact Economics

t:+353 91 492501/492177