Cian McMahon

B.Comm., H.Dip. (Econ.Sc.)., M.Econ.Sc.

PhD student NUI Galway

Cian McMahon completed a B.Comm., a Higher Dipoma in Economic Science, and an M.Econ.Sc. at NUI Galway before commencing PhD studies. His current research interests include political economy, economic and environmental sustainability, employment and social policy, the Irish economy, and economics education for labour and community groups.

Employment policy in a sustainable economy

This thesis will design a sustainable employment policy model, comprising a suite of environmentally friendly public policy proposals that can create and sustain jobs in the global economy. Thus, the model aims to confront the immediate unemployment crisis, while also taking account of the longer term environmental crisis. I will explore a range of innovative, efficient, and sustainable employment policy proposals from across the world.

There are three fundamental pillars to the policy model: worker-owned cooperatives (private firms owned and managed by those who work in them); a work sharing scheme (the implementation of shorter working hours as an alternative to laying off workers); and a job guarantee programme, (a public sector initiative to guarantee a real job opportunity for anyone ready, willing, and able to work). Each proposal has previously been advocated in the context of a growth economy; however, my contribution will be to adapt the employment policy proposals to the ecological priorities of a steady-state (or zero growth)economy. As a case study, I will apply the sustainable employment policy model in the context of Ireland’s specific institutional framework.

Keywords Employment and social policy, sustainability


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