Áine Roddy

B.A., M.Sc. (Health Economics)

PhD student NUI Galway



Áine Roddy was awarded a four-year NUI Galway Hardiman Research Scholarship in 2011 to undertake a Structured PhD programme in the College of Business, Public Policy, and Law. She holds a BA degree in Economic and Social Studies (double first class honours) and an M.Sc. in Health Economics (first class honours) from NUI Galway. To date, she has presented a working paper on a socioeconomic profile of childhood disability in Ireland using Growing Up in Ireland data at the Growing Up in Ireland National Research Conference 2012, in Dublin, and also at the Nordic Network on Disability Research International Conference 2013, in Turku, Finland. Áine has established a collaborative research project which facilitates her conducting a national survey on the economic costs for families raising a child with autism in Ireland. She was involved in establishing a disability working group on the project in association with the Children’s Research Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland. Her role as project leader involves consulting and liaising with various multi-disciplinary experts, autism organizations, and with parents of children with autism. Her research interests include the economics of disability, child well-being, autism, health economics, policy analysis and poverty and social inclusion.

Essays on the economics of childhood disability

The principal research objective of this thesis is to measure the extent of economic burden experienced at a household level for families caring for a child with a disability. The thesis provides evidence on the economic costs (both direct and indirect) of childhood disability in three essays, using both detailed primary and secondary data analysis. The main contribution of this thesis is to address the information gap that exists in relation to the economic impact of childhood disability in Ireland with a view to also informing public policy, whilst improving on existing methodologies.

Essay One: A Socioeconomic Profile of Child Disability in Ireland

Essay Two: Childhood Disability and the Utilization of Health Service based on Disability Status

Essay Three: The Economic Costs for Families Raising a Child with Autism in Ireland

Keywords child disability, socioeconomic disadvantage, costs of autism, financial burden, utilisation of healthcare, Ireland


PhD research funding

  • NUI Galway Hardiman research scholarship

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