Brendan P. Walsh

B.A., M.A., MPhil.

PhD student NUI Galway

Brendan's work investigates inequalities in cancer screening utilisation in Ireland, Europe and the United States. Other work includes calculating inequalities in childhood obesity and immunisation rates, and investigating the importance of public and private health insurance on health care utilisation in Ireland.

The economics of cancer screening

This thesis investigates inequalities in utilisation of cancer screening in Ireland, Europe and the United States. A main focus of this thesis examines the reduction in the social gradient in cancer screening utilisation in countries with organised, population-based screening programmes in Europe in comparison to countries with opportunistic programmes in place. Using concentration indices and decomposition analyses, differences between those with and without private health insurance in Ireland were also investigated. An investigation of the importance of psycho-social behavioural factors, using a prospect theory model, was undertaken using data on colorectal cancer screening in the United States. Work from this thesis has appeared in Health Economics, Health Policy and the Irish Medical Journal.

Keywords economics, cancer, screening, econometrics, inequalities


PhD research funding

  • HRB/NCI Health Economics PhD fellowship

Head of Economics

Prof Alan Ahearne

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