Science Foundation Ireland's Gender Strategy
SFI’s Gender Strategy, published in 2016, sets out a target for 30% of SFI’s portfolio of award holders to be female and for research teams to be composed of at least 40% of each gender by 2020. These targets should be embedded at all levels of the SFI Centres for Research Training, and in those processes used for the recruitment of students, inclusion of Named Supervisors, and the appointment of individuals at the Executive level in the Centre. 
Collectively these approaches will ensure that students are embedded in an environment that promotes gender equality, supported by appropriate role models and mentors. 
It is expected that SFI’s Gender Strategy targets for the applicant (30%) and supervisor (40%) groups are met at the application stage. 
Gender balance should also be a consideration in the recruitment of students, with a target of at least 40% for each gender. If there are perceived challenges in meeting these targets, the applicant group will be required to provide clear justification for these challenges and lay out specific measures as to how they will address any imbalances during the term of the award. 
The gender breakdown of students, Named Supervisors, Lead and Co-Investigators of funded Centres for Research Training will be reported to SFI annually and will be considered as part of progress reviews.
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