Engineering Summer School 2014

120 secondary school students came to the engineering building in NUI Galway for two one-day summer schools on the 19th and 20th of June, 2014. We packed a slice of the whole engineering world into each hectic day.

Students toured the building, which was purpose-built in 2011 as an engineering school with state-of-the-art facilities. Many of the building's own structural, electrical and mechanical systems are on view. Staff from mechanical, biomedical, civil, energy systems, electrical and electronic engineering gave talks and ran lab activities.

Students measured their own muscle strength with electronics, and explored how a building's heating system affects the comfort levels of people working in it. They designed and build wind turbines, trying to beat efficiency records (and sometimes succeeding).

They found out what it takes to design a self-driving car, how buildings are designed to survive earthquakes, and how engineers help to treat disease and injury by developing replacement body parts. Thanks to everybody who took part - we hope to meet again!

Dr. Nathan Quinlan

“It was very enjoyable and insightful” 

“Many thanks for a very enjoyable and informative day” 

“The summer school was well planned and I received plenty of information on engineering throughout the day”


Engineering Explained Through Sketches

Engineers are cool