In our newsletters you'll find news from mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering graduates in the workplace and from current students. We also have stories that illustrate what mechanical and biomedical engineers do, and the impact their achievements can have. Newsletters can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the images below, and you can subscribe to be notified by email when new issues are published. 

April 2011

  • Career updates from a mechanical engineer working on low-carbon power generation and a biomedical engineer working on biodegradable stents, both two years out of college 
  • News stories in biomedical and mechanical engineering 
  • Views of a current student

January 2010

  • Career updates from biomedical and mechanical engineers, two years out of college
  • Mechanical engineering in the latest generation of airliners
  • Biomedical engineering for a healthier spine

June 2009

  • A mechanical engineer creating better wind turbines 
  • A biomedical engineer combining an award-winning career in innovative medical technology with further education 
  • Views from an innovative employer on current career prospects in engineering 
  • An introduction to new staff at NUI Galway
  • SFI/Dell scholarships for women in engineering
  • New degree course in Energy Systems Engineering

January 2009

  • NUI Galway engineers designing systems to perform vital functions under the ocean and inside blood vessels
  • The mechanical engineering behind the safe ditching of an Airbus A320 in the Hudson River, New York
  • Biomedical engineers investigating forces on individual cells
  • Life as a mechanical engineering student

December 2008

  • A biomedical engineering graduate working on new materials for cardiovascular devices
  • A mechanical engineering graduate developing better hydrogen fuel technology
  • Kinetic energy recovery systems that make road vehicles more efficient
  • Tissue engineering leads to successful replacement of a diseased trachea