Sinéad O’Halloran wins 2015 Maurice Godet Award

Sep 15 2015 Posted: 17:59 IST

Sinéad O’Halloran was awarded the 2015 Maurice Godet Award at the 42nd Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology last week for her paper titled "Modelling of fretting in the pressure armour layer of flexible marine risers". The award is for the best paper by a young scientist.

Leeds-Lyon Symposium website

Sinéad is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering and is undertaking research on Fretting Fatigue in Flexible Marine Risers. She is supervised by Prof. Sean Leen and co-supervised by Dr. Annette Harte and is funded by the Irish Research Council and Wood Group Kenny under the Enterprise Partnership Scheme. As part of the proposed research project, Sinéad will visit University of Nottingham to collaborate on fretting wear testing of representative marine riser geometries and materials under non-lubricated and lubricated conditions, to establish, for the first time, the fretting wear performance of these critical components in sub-sea oil and gas riser systems. Sinéad is a first class Honours graduate from Civil Engineering in NUI Galway.

College of Engineering

College of Engineering